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Medical Tourism in India: Boon for Un-Insured & Under-Insured Americans

Medical Tourism in India
In this era of abundant healthcare choices, Medical Tourism stands out to be an important aspect from a global health perspective. It is indeed one of the illustrations of globalization.
India is considered one of the oldest medical tourism destinations where tourists have come for a varied range of treatment options; and today it is one of the most renowned medical tourism spots.
The hospitals in India have increasingly found a mention in the traveling circuit of foreigners, with the trend of medical tourism gripping the country. India is one of the trending leaders in health tourism since the country has an enormous skilled manpower and technological edge.

Healthcare Scenario in the US
One study released that around 49.5 million American adults under the age of 65 (28%) have no health insurance which is extensively discussed in healthcare policies. Further, about 42.5 million (24%) underinsured adults are less recognized.
In 2007, studies revealed that medical bi…

Spinal Stenosis: A Painful Ailment often misdiagnosed

Spinal Stenosis treatment in India It is truly said "Growing old is mandatory but nobody ages merely by living a number of years. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up your zeal wrinkles your soul."
Stepping in the '50s and '60s may invite health issues for many. But facing it and planning for your optimum health is the key for successful aging.
Medical problems with age may include cardiovascular, hormonal and visual issues, pulmonary and other major problems. But of all, the most common medical condition encountered is of the musculoskeletal disorders.
Spinal stenosis is one such age-related musculoskeletal problem faced by elderly people. It is known to be a very painful and troublesome condition which often goes either un-diagnosed or wrongly diagnosed. 
Spinal StenosisSpinal stenosis is the musculoskeletal condition characterized by the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal resulting in compression of the spinal cord and the nerves passing through the canal …