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Cochlear Implant Surgery- Best Option for Hearing Loss

Deafness & Hearing Loss Both adults and children depend on hearing for their ability to perform daily activities - be it school or work. One needs hearing to process information in the environment and to communicate using speech. Moreover, hearing helps in localizing, detecting, and discriminating sounds produced in the surroundings. According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss is one of the leading global diseases.  People with hearing loss can only hear some of the sounds and speech in the surroundings. While deaf people cannot understand speech but can hear a few sounds.  There are many causes of hearing loss which include loud sound exposure, infections or diseases, accidental trauma, ototoxic drugs, aging, and hereditary. These losses adversely affect one’s ability to work and process sound. The treatment options available for hearing loss include speech therapy, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Cochlear Implants and Cochlear Implant

7 Health Tips To Guard Your Physical and Mental Well Being

“ Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." - BKS Iyengar

History of Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic Surgery Arising from the main stem of medicine and surgery, Plastic Surgery is a branch with great antiquity. Also sometimes termed as ‘reconstructive surgery’, plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction or repair of tissues following destruction or defects either acquired or congenital. The roots of reconstructive procedures go back to more than 2500 years. The word ‘plastic' is derived from the Greek verb meaning ‘to mold' or ‘form'. The history of plastic surgery in ancient Greece and Rome was relatively bound up with the development of simple plastic surgeries that repaired the damaged parts of the body caused by punishment and war mutilation. Plastic Surgery in India- The Roots The history of plastic surgery in India finds its roots more than four thousand years ago, back to the Indus River Civilization. In the era of the Vedic period (5000 B.C.); Ayurveda originated in India. The concept of Ayurveda is a compilation of four Vedas (texts) n

Dental Tourism in India - Why so popular among the Australians!

Dental Care The dimension of dental care and oral health is expanding with a significant impact on the quality of life and the overall appearance of an individual.  Despite this, oral health is overlooked by many resulting in dental diseases which have become a serious public health burden across the globe. Poor oral health is not only bad for your teeth, but it also acts as a major risk factor for other systemic health ailments. Oral Health in Australia The Australian Dental Association and the Australian Health Policy Collaboration released a report; The Oral Health Tracker, which  revealed that tooth decay is the most common chronic health condition causing pain and discomfort to more than 90% of adults in the country.   The report also identified that more than a quarter of all tooth decays in Australia are untreated. Alcohol consumption and smoking habits are two of the few reasons contributing to poor oral health. Gum diseases affect one i