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Rhinoplasty- What Can It Do For You!


Nose is often considered the most important feature that gives definition to your face. Whether it is too small or big, broad or tiny, the shape and size of the nose is a matter of concern to many men and women.

In the age where we all are obsessed with Facebooks and Instagrams, how your picture looks are extremely important. For those who are concerned about the shape and size of their nose, Rhinoplasty is the solution.

Rhinoplasty has made many nose dreams come true.  According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), Rhinoplasty is one of the TOP 5 Surgical Procedures most requested in recent years.

Considering a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)? Here, we discuss 5 of the common concerns people face that can be improved with Rhinoplasty procedure. 

    1.  Too flat or wide nose bridge

the flat nose bridge corrected with rhinoplasty
  • Wide side or flat types of nose bridges are common in Hispanic, African, and Asian ethnicities.
  • This can be corrected with the help of Rhinoplasty surgery by adjusting the nasal base or tip or by reducing the width of the bridge. The procedure is called as Augmentation Rhinoplasty usually performed for a low or flat bridge and involves the usage of implants.
  • The shape of the nose gets improved with this procedure and patients may experience changes in facial appearance.
  • The process of healing can take almost a year. Once the swelling is resolved, you may notice a different look and you must be aware that it will take time for you to get accustomed to such a changed appearance. 
     2.  Too long or big nose

nose made proportional to the face
  • Long or big noses, unfortunately, get the undesirable attention and can even draw cruel remarks.
  • Such noses can sometimes diminish the attractiveness of the facial features as it may overshadow the lips or eyes.
  • This can be corrected by reducing the tip of the nose to create a desirable smaller or shorter nose which certainly involves complex reshaping procedures.
  • After this surgery; a person will definitely achieve a fairer facial profile with a frontal-view complementing the face.
     3. The pointy nose

pointed nose corrected
  • A projecting or excess septum cartilage of the nasal tip results in a pointy nose.
  • A quite effective and long term result can be achieved by reducing this cartilage and one will look and feel amazing.
  • This procedure can also round off the tip a bit that will give it a softer and less pointy appearance.
  • The Tip Rhinoplasty downtime is minimal. Also, the recovery does not take too long but differs from person to person.
     4. The crooked nose

crooked nose corrected with rhinoplasty
  • Any facial trauma or an injury at the time of birth can be one of the reasons for crooked noses.
  • Hereditary factors like overgrowth of bones and cartilages can stem this type of nose.
  • Another problem is asymmetry.
  • This can be fixed by resetting the bones of the nose through osteotomies.
  • This is a more complex but an invasive procedure as compared to the other types of Rhinoplasty procedures.
  • However, a straight nose profile can only be achieved by such complex surgery.

     5.  The nose with a bridge bump or an eminent hump

hump corrected with nose job
  • Nasal humps vary in size. They can detract other facial features by overshadowing your eyes.
  • The correction depends solely on the patient’s requirement of what amount of hump reduction they want.
  • Few patients opt to get rid of the entire hump in order to straighten the nasal bridge.
  • Others may opt to retain some fullness of the bridge with an aim to maintain family or ethnic features.
  • Rhinoplasty can effectively correct numerous nose problems; however, the patient should be very patient while the entire recovery period. Moreover with the help of the best Rhinoplasty surgical team comprising of experienced Plastic Surgeons, one can easily achieve the desired nose!

Rhinoplasty in India

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