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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is an emotionally and physically rewarding procedure for women who lose one or both the breasts to cancer. It creates a more natural-looking breast that will mirror the appearance of your original breast.

You may be a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery if you have had a mastectomy or will be considering in the future. The surgery is commonly performed immediately after mastectomy. But if radiation is still a part of your cancer treatment, you can opt for breast reconstruction surgery months or years after mastectomy.

Why Breast Reconstruction?

Considering surgery again after going through cancer treatments can be stressful. But many women across the globe are opting for these reconstruction surgeries. The surgery is empowering more women to regain a sense of normalcy and also their feelings of femininity. Most of the times, the surgery helps to rebuild your breast symmetry. It can also correct previous breast surgeries and even nipple replacement.

When is the right time to get Breast Reconstruction Surgery done?

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done with mastectomy. This is usually done to reduce the time of recovery and the cost of the treatment. 

Make sure you do not have any other co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes or hypertension. The cancer stage is also taken into account before proceeding with the procedure.

The most important factor that usually delays the reconstructive surgery is whether radiation or chemotherapy is a part of your cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction is only performed once you complete all your radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The right time ultimately depends on the medical evaluation by doctors and what you are comfortable with.

Deciding on the Right Surgeon

Choosing the best plastic surgeon is important when opting for breast reconstruction. The surgeon should be board-certified with many years of experience in performing breast reconstruction. This will help in creating more natural-looking breasts that will enhance your body shape. 

The surgery requires a thorough understanding of the intricacies of human anatomy, as it is not the standard breast augmentation procedure. A surgeon with extensive experience in breast reconstruction surgeries will provide the best outcomes.

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Several reconstruction procedures can be considered that attempt to restore a breast to its original size, shape, and appearance following a mastectomy. Sometimes, a breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation may be recommended for the other breast to improve the symmetry, when only one breast is affected. Moreover, you can also choose whether or not to have nipple reconstruction.

There are generally two techniques for breast reconstruction:
  • Implant reconstruction: An implant is inserted that is filled with silicone gel, saltwater (saline), or a combination of both.
  • Flap or Autologous reconstruction: A tissue from other parts of your body (a thigh, back, or belly) will be transplanted. This may also include an implant.
Precautions to take after a Breast Reconstruction surgery

You might experience little pain or soreness in the chest area post-surgery for which the surgeon will prescribe painkillers. Avoid lifting any extra weight using your arms.

You may be discharged with a drain tube that will remove extra fluid from the surgical site while it heals. The surgeon will advise you application of medications and also about changing bandages of the incision area.

Talk with your surgeon regarding the type of bra to use. Follow the surgeon’s advice regarding post-surgery exercises. Do not hesitate to contact your surgeon if you have any concerns.

Reconstruction does not make cancer return

Numerous studies have shown that reconstruction does not make cancer to return. But, what if it does come back?
  • It will not be that harder to detect any tumor through the reconstructed breast.
  • Treating it with chemotherapy or radiation should not be posing a problem.
You should discuss all the risks and benefits of the surgery with your surgeon before you go ahead. Also, consider taking the opinion from your oncologist. Once you weigh all the pros and cons, proceed with the surgery without fearing the return of cancer.

Decision Making

Breast reconstruction is an important decision that patients need to take wisely. Make sure you discuss all the options of reconstruction surgery with your chosen plastic surgeon and your oncologist. Wait, if necessary, for any other treatments to be completed.

Additionally, discuss all the options regarding the implants to be used or the replacement of the breast tissue. All of these factors will contribute to creating the natural-looking breasts you wish to see. Some other factors that should be discussed extensively are:

·        Stage of breast cancer
·        Type of the cancer
·        Personal preferences
·        Overall health

A woman can also opt for reconstruction surgery at the same time as her mastectomy. This is to avoid multiple rounds of anesthesia and recuperation and also to lessen the shock of losing an important part of the body. It is a time of overwhelming choices hence every breast reconstruction patient needs compassionate care and the best outcomes.

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