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Best Hospitals in India for Medical Treatment

Best Hospitals in India An increasingly large number of people from around the world are choosing medical tourism-the process of availing medical and surgical procedures outside their country, either because of the non-availability of facilities in their countries or because the services cost a fortune in the home country. India has emerged to be one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. What makes this destination so popular is the fact that you can afford to undergo the treatment at few of the best hospitals in India, with a price tag that will not empty your bank account and still afford you the very best in medical services at a top-notch facility. Medical Tourism in India can be tracked down by the increasing number of corporate hospitals in the metropolitan cities. Availing hi-tech medical care at affordable rates has drawn many patients to India for medical treatment.  Why Hospitals in India? Numerous medical tourists have preferred Ind

Plastic Surgery in India - Why India Over Other Countries?

PLASTIC SURGERY IN INDIA  Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. -Albert Einstein Imagine a blissful recovery time in a luxurious beach resort after getting your dream makeover! Didn't that feel amazing? Though Einstein is true,  what about the huge bills that accompany such imaginations?  What if you get to know about a world destination that has successfully transformed many such imaginations into reality at a fraction of the cost along with safe medical treatment? Go on and explore this piece of writing to discover the destination and fulfill at least one of your plastic surgery dreams just like the thousands across the globe. A WORLD-CLASS DESTINATION FOR SAFE AND AFFORDABLE PLASTIC SURGERY – INDIA! India doesn’t need a special shout-out in the world of plastic surgery. One of the world leaders in Medical Tourism, the country has established itself as a world-class destination for healthcare.

Plastic Surgery in India Review

Plastic Surgery in India Indeed! The internet has become the main source of medical information. Many patients are empowered to make their cross-border medical treatment decisions merely with the help of the Internet. And if you are fortunate enough, you might even stumble on a medical travel facilitator like IndiCure to undergo a hassle-free medical trip. Don't believe us? Read the amazing journey of Ms. Monica, from randomly searching about Medical Tourism to successfully undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries in India . Her cosmetic journey can make you take that fearless step towards choosing Medical Tourism in India . Ms. Monica had visited India recently to meet his son. During her stay in India, she recollected about how she wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery back in Michigan, US. But the costs of cosmetic surgery in Michigan, where she resides, never convinced her. That's when she decided to search for Medical Tourism in India through the internet. Whilst he

Better Sleep After the Surgery: What Should You Do?

Sleep disturbance after the surgery is very common. The factors that play a significant role in sleep disturbances after the surgery are:        Preoperative co-morbidities       Anesthesia        Severity of the surgical trauma        Post-surgical pain          Environmental stress These sleep disturbances produce harmful effects on the patients that can even lead to:          Increased sensitivity to pain          Higher risk of delirium (disturbance in mental abilities)          Poor recovery Normal Sleep Structure: Before we go deeper into what can be done for better sleep after the surgery, let’s first understand how is the normal sleep structure like? Sleep occurs in different stages, the two major ones are N on-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM) sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep . Non-REM sleep has four stages, of which the 3 rd stage is commonly referred to as "deep sleep" or “slow-wave sleep” (SWS). In the case of adults, th