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Best Hospitals and Surgeons for Joint Replacement in India

Joint replacement in India Joint replacement is an intensive procedure and it does make a lot of sense to look for the best possible options when it comes to your knee/ hip replacement.  It is this reason that has urged people from countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries or even the USA, UK and people from all over the world to choose medical tourism in India   for joint replacement surgery.   Why Joint Replacement Surgery in India? Researching joint replacement in India will lead you to several important facts. The joint replacement market in India has grown in double digits according to a study done by the ABMRG which focuses on Medical Technology. India offers: ·        The best in class technology, diagnostic ability, and infrastructure.   ·        World-class surgeons and medical staff who are patient-oriented with their ability to converse in English and understand every possible requirement. ·        Cost-effectiveness when

Cancer Treatment in India

Introduction Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to the WHO, more than 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low to middle-income countries. It is also estimated that cancer deaths worldwide are projected to rise to 11.5 million in 2030. Cancer is a condition wherein there is abnormal growth of cells in a specific part of the body. These cancer cells may sooner or later spread into the surrounding tissues. Risk factors for Cancers •         Use of Tobacco •         Use of Alcohol •         Physical inactivity •         Dietary factors, including insufficient fruit and vegetable intake •         Obesity and overweight •         Chronic infections •         Environmental or occupational risks Types of Cancer Cancer can occur in any part of the body. Currently, there are over 200 types of cancers. The leading types are discussed as follows: Cancer Treatment in India Numerous cancer treatments are available in India depending on