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Cosmetic Surgery in India Choosing the right medical tourism facilitator for your medical treatment abroad becomes a huge task. By opting for one, you get easy access to the healthcare facilities in the destination country. A medical tourism facilitator helps you connect with the top doctors and the right medical facility throughout your medical treatment journey abroad. IndiCure is one such renowned and trustworthy name in the field of medical tourism facilitation. Having served for more than a decade now, we look forward to bringing many more happy smiles on the faces of medical tourists around the globe. Don't believe us? Then you should not miss out on this piece of writing which will certainly make you trust us for your medical journey in India. Ms. Laura Southern from Calgary, Canada joins IndiCure’s list of satisfied medical tourists. Being successfully navigated for her cosmetic surgery in India , she had shared her fantastic experience and cherished  the ex

Root Canal Treatment: When and Why Do You Need One?

Root Canal Treatment Tooth pain is the only sign of any dental issue. And when it hits, most of us hesitate to make an appointment with the dentist assuming that we would be recommended a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, the huge build-up attributed to the treatment has created a palpable fear psychosis about root canal treatment. Surprisingly, the root canal therapy is not that scary as we think. In fact, getting the treatment can be your best decision of saving your natural tooth. Root Canal Treatment  (RCT) is an endodontic treatment that saves a severely infected tooth by repairing the tooth pulp located at the center of the tooth. The tooth pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves which can get infected and the only chosen dental treatment is the root canal therapy. Although the procedure may sound unpleasant, it is far better than the extraction of the tooth. The need for root canal treatment can be identified effectively by a professional dentist, but even

Mommy Makeover-Not Just for Mommies!

Mommy Makeover One thing we love about our work at IndiCure is helping our medical tourists feel more vibrant, confident, comfortable and beautiful in their skin. There are numerous procedures we have delighted our patients with. But, one procedure that checks these boxes is Mommy Makeover . As the name suggests, Mommy Makeover treats all the concerns among women who have had children. Typically, a combination of plastic surgeries like a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enhancement, Mommy Makeover treats the effects of childbearing on a woman’s body. It addresses loose skin, sagging breasts, a protruding belly, stretch marks, and stubborn fat bulges. However, it's not only about Mommies. Many women face issues with the abdomen, breasts, flanks, thighs, etc., without childbearing. There are many factors like ageing, genetics, and weight loss that can affect the body and cause changes that a Mommy Makeover can address. Hence, this combo of body contouring procedures isn’t lim

This Christmas Gift Cosmetic Holidays in India!

Tadaaaa!!! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few days away!  Have you finished shopping? OR Are you still wondering what to gift your special ones? The Christmas holidays are a prime time for gifting each other. Well, with all the hustle and bustle, it’s important to thoughtfully gift something to your loved ones. One specific topic of discussion has been trending around this time of year – whether it is a good idea to gift cosmetic surgery as a holiday gift? Well, cosmetic surgery can make an amazing gift for the right person. It will certainly show how much you care about their well-being and happiness. But, if you are willing to gift someone cosmetic surgery, make sure you have a healthy conversation with your loved one. It is not your traditional gift to surprise them!  So, make sure you give this gift thoughtfully and only when you are sure the recipient needs it. To make your task easy, IndiCure helps you with some tips when considering gifting cosmet

Before After Photos- What Should You Look For?

Before After Photos Thinking about undergoing plastic surgery? Hitting the social media becomes the best option, right?  Looking at Before After pictures give your imagination the fire of what you can become after the surgery...But please hold on.. Social Media and Plastic Surgery  Social media has changed the entire landscape of the plastic surgery industry. In today’s social world, people planning to undergo plastic surgery rely majorly on social media platforms rather than any plastic surgeon’s highly statistical and informational website. People feel a surgeon or a facilitator is more real and approachable through their social media platforms. Narrowing down on the right plastic surgeon or a facility is a major decision. In the process, people often scroll the provider’s feeds on Instagram to look for practice information or before-and-after pictures. Looking at those beautifully transformed patients, you might get lured to a plastic surgery procedure you do


FACIAL SURGERY  Your face is often the first thing that people notice in you and a good-looking face is often the first thing we talk about when we talk about “beauty”. A strong and balanced face goes a long way in creating the impression of a person. A perfect balance of curves and lines of your face creates a beautifully structured profile. But as we start to age, several factors begin to affect our facial features and the ageing signs begin to show. Deep lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles can greatly contribute to the loss of facial contour. These signs can make you feel dissatisfied as it affects the overall look of your face. Especially when these ageing signs become noticeable, people struggle with a loss of self-esteem and confidence. Well, no one can stop the effects of time on your face. But plastic surgery procedures can surely help to turn the clock back on the face.   Plastic surgery procedures drastically remove the signs of ageing to give a rejuvenated