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Before After Photos- What Should You Look For?

Before After Photos

Thinking about undergoing plastic surgery? Hitting the social media becomes the best option, right? 

Looking at Before After pictures give your imagination the fire of what you can become after the surgery...But please hold on..

Social Media and Plastic Surgery 

Social media has changed the entire landscape of the plastic surgery industry. In today’s social world, people planning to undergo plastic surgery rely majorly on social media platforms rather than any plastic surgeon’s highly statistical and informational website. People feel a surgeon or a facilitator is more real and approachable through their social media platforms.

Narrowing down on the right plastic surgeon or a facility is a major decision. In the process, people often scroll the provider’s feeds on Instagram to look for practice information or before-and-after pictures. Looking at those beautifully transformed patients, you might get lured to a plastic surgery procedure you don’t even intend to undergo.


Social media is amazing but in some cases, it can also mislead you. Many times, these pictures are used solely as marketing tools that have been altered digitally. Those miraculous transformations are sometimes uploaded on social media to attract more clients. Unfortunately, the amazing results seen in these beautiful photos could be technically impossible to achieve.

Before diving into the plastic surgical ocean, you must narrow down a trustworthy provider who will be able to achieve the real results you desire. There is no second thought that the before-and-after pictures provide a better understanding of the provider's practice, but you need to know what you are looking at.

To make your task easy, IndiCure has come up with a list you can refer when browsing the before-and-after pictures through social media. We are sure that you will certainly find the best plastic surgery facilitator anywhere in the world!


It is certainly very difficult to imagine your face or body in the pictures. But to make the task easier you can look for patients with features similar to you. This might give you a much better idea about the results you can expect for yourself.

Photography Tricks

Avoid photography tricks. These can easily distort your perception. There are numerous ways an image can be edited by changing the lighting or background. Make sure the pictures show patients in the same lighting and the same pose. The slightest change can hide a result. View only those images that are taken from a standardised position which will help you recognise whether it is a surgical result or a mere photography trick.


The originality of the pictures matters a lot. The pictures you scroll should represent real plastic surgery results. With an increase in editing applications like Photoshop, Facetune, etc; anyone can touch up the pictures that will resemble a plastic surgery result. In such cases, you can ask for reliability through DMs on social media platforms.


Look for a variety of pictures. Every surgical result differs from patient to patient. The journey of each patient will represent different results. By looking at different results you get to ask the surgeon of the possible results you can expect from just one procedure. In the case of breast augmentation, the type of implants, incisions, implant placements differ according to the patient's preference. This certainly impacts the surgical outcome. Hence, a variety of pictures will provide you more information on the surgical results. You will gain a much better understanding of the options the provider offers.


Whether you are looking at pictures of facial procedures, body procedures or breast procedures; symmetry plays an important role. Each patient has a natural asymmetry. Although perfection in every surgery is not possible, the plastic surgeon should be able to even up any notable imbalances.


Have a closer look at the course of time of the patient’s surgical pictures. The results look different on the third-day post-surgery and different after three months. It's the journey that allows the entire result to take a different turn from beginning to end. Asking for the entire timeline of a patient's plastic surgery journey will provide you an accurate picture of how the results unfold over time. 

New Content

Make sure the provider you follow on social media is consistent with new content with every feed or post. The same picture should not be recycled just to attract clients. When considering content, make sure the chosen provider is offering all types of procedures with a variety of pictures. Obviously you wish to see different people responding to the same type of procedure so that you expect the best result from the provider.

We are glad that we could share this amazing piece of information with you. IndiCure is always looking out for such useful tips to share with our clients so that they can make an informed decision when considering plastic surgery or any other medical treatment. Moreover, doing your homework before your free consultation with IndiCure will definitely help you feel more confident ahead in your journey!

Let us know if these tips helped you take the huge decision of plastic surgery through social media pictures. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook and feel free to slide into our DM’s with any concerns regarding Plastic Surgery in India.


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