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Cosmetic Surgery in India

Choosing the right medical tourism facilitator for your medical treatment abroad becomes a huge task. By opting for one, you get easy access to the healthcare facilities in the destination country. A medical tourism facilitator helps you connect with the top doctors and the right medical facility throughout your medical treatment journey abroad.

IndiCure is one such renowned and trustworthy name in the field of medical tourism facilitation. Having served for more than a decade now, we look forward to bringing many more happy smiles on the faces of medical tourists around the globe.

Don't believe us? Then you should not miss out on this piece of writing which will certainly make you trust us for your medical journey in India.

Ms. Laura Southern from Calgary, Canada joins IndiCure’s list of satisfied medical tourists. Being successfully navigated for her cosmetic surgery in India, she had shared her fantastic experience and cherished the excellent service delivered by IndiCure.

Watch her describing the entire journey as professionally adept and medically empathetic.

Laura’s Cosmetic Surgery Decision!

Before Laura could decide on travelling to India for her cosmetic surgery, she required careful planning to have a hassle-free experience during her medical trip. She had to connect with a medical tourism facilitator for her trip to be successful. She searched and compared plastic surgery packages of a lot of companies from various countries. She had also sent numerous emails to a few of them but did not find their response satisfactory.

After an extensive search and having sent numerous emails to various companies, she mailed IndiCure with her cosmetic surgery query. Our case manager promptly answered her query the same day. Professionally a nurse in Canada, Laura expected comprehensive details about the entire cosmetic surgery package and her stay in India. To her satisfaction, IndiCure made sure she received every detail of her cosmetic surgery in India. With an immense faith in IndiCure’s facilitation, Laura finally took the huge decision of traveling to India for cosmetic surgery.

IndiCure’s Facilitation!

IndiCure had hand-picked the best cosmetic surgeon and hospital for her cosmetic surgery in India. We ensured she was in good hands. The contentment on her face was the evidence that she had a smooth surgical journey right from her first consultation to the follow-ups after the surgery.

Having vacationed in India thrice before this medical trip, she knew that the quality of care and the healthcare professionalism in India is just as good as the care offered in Canada. She was very satisfied with the quality of care at the hospital and the staff in India. She also appreciated the surgeon, the dietician and the nurses for their heedfulness. She also thanked the house-keeping staff of the hospital for their support.
Gratified with the professionalism and service, she pronounced that she would whole-heartedly recommend IndiCure to anybody willing to undergo cosmetic surgery in India. This was certainly the crowning moment for IndiCure. We are delighted that IndiCure was an integral part of her entire treatment process.

We hope now you believe that the right medical tourism facilitator like IndiCure can fulfil your medical treatment dreams. Just like Laura, even you or any medical tourist can approach IndiCure to fulfil their dreams and experience such amazing journeys.
Many medical travellers contact IndiCure every year for various cosmetic surgery procedures, the major reasons being highly skilled and Board-certified Indian surgeons, best hospital facilities, at par with their International counterparts, availability of state-of-the-art technology and highly affordable costs.

IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing cosmetic surgery in India with few of the best plastic surgeons. IndiCure has a preferred association with the best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India where you get the most affordable cost of cosmetic surgery in India.

We are reachable on +91 9320036777 (India) and +1 8772702448 (US Toll-Free) and email at