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Mommy Makeover-Not Just for Mommies!

Mommy Makeover

One thing we love about our work at IndiCure is helping our medical tourists feel more vibrant, confident, comfortable and beautiful in their skin. There are numerous procedures we have delighted our patients with. But, one procedure that checks these boxes is Mommy Makeover.

As the name suggests, Mommy Makeover treats all the concerns among women who have had children. Typically, a combination of plastic surgeries like a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast enhancement, Mommy Makeover treats the effects of childbearing on a woman’s body. It addresses loose skin, sagging breasts, a protruding belly, stretch marks, and stubborn fat bulges.

However, it's not only about Mommies. Many women face issues with the abdomen, breasts, flanks, thighs, etc., without childbearing. There are many factors like ageing, genetics, and weight loss that can affect the body and cause changes that a Mommy Makeover can address. Hence, this combo of body contouring procedures isn’t limited to just the moms. Virtually any woman can experience the benefits of Mommy Makeover. 

 Many women have multiple bodily issues and are looking for ways to address them without undergoing a series of surgeries. In such cases, Mommy Makeover is the best solution that includes just one procedure and a recovery period of just 10 to 14 days. It is certainly an ideal option for anyone looking for numerous cosmetic improvements in one combined surgery.

Combining procedures is often an attractive and beneficial option because
  • Multiple concerns can be addressed at once
  • It is more cost effective
  • Patients can undergo a single recovery

A Personalised Whole-Body Makeover

Now you know that Mommy Makeover is not just for Mommies but anyone can get this personalised whole-body makeover regardless of their parental status.
Weight loss can cause loose skin on the belly and deflated breasts just as same in case of post-pregnancy. In such cases, you can plan a procedure that combines tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. This procedure is just as popular among our post-weight loss patients at IndiCure as it is for our Mommy Makeover patients. 
Ageing process can affect some women just like the post-pregnancy effect. Some of the changes include loss of tone in vaginal tissues and breast volume. These issues can easily be addressed with feminine rejuvenation and breast augmentation, respectively.
In some cases, genetics are to be blamed. Some of us genetically have less elastic and thinner skin or you might have breast sagging at a relatively young age. These issues can be treated by breast lift or reduction. One more issue which is hereditary is how we store fat. It is perfectly normal to have protruding lower abs or a potbelly. Many women without childbearing experiences choose to undergo tummy tuck with liposuction to address their tummy bulge or abdominal stubborn fat.
Find the Right Provider
The procedures involved in Mommy Makeover are not decided according to any rules. Finding the right procedure according to your needs of addressing specific concerns is the key to a successful makeover. An aesthetically skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help you find the right procedures that will shape you from head to toe, the way you desire. An in-depth conversation with such a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you create a personalised treatment plan to meet your specific needs.
Also, make sure to browse before-and-after photos of the procedures you wish to undergo to verify whether they can achieve the best results for you.

Mommy Makeover in India with IndiCure

Mommy Makeover in India serves as a smart choice for women who wish to possess youthful bodies and a healthy lifestyle. Their belief in mental and physical well-being is restored through this procedure.
There are a few important things you must keep in mind before you opt for mommy makeover surgery in India:
Check the surgeon’s credentials - his qualification, experience, success rate, how many similar surgeries has he performed and is he board certified? His work and a direct telephonic/ video conference would be of great help.
Get the all-inclusive price - what all does the cost include and exclude from the package given to you. It is important to help you plan things accordingly.
Check the facility where the surgery would be performed. Know the MRSA rate, whether you would stay in a single or sharing room and what facilities are provided at the hospital.
Speak to a few previous clients who underwent similar surgeries with the same doctor. This shall help you get some real information.
You can choose to undergo Mommy Makeover in India with IndiCure for a hassle-free experience. IndiCure has on its panel a few of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals and surgeons in India. With an experience of more than 10 years in serving medical tourists for their plastic surgery in India, we understand your requirements well. 
Write to us at or call us at +91-9320036777 (India) or +1-8772702448 (US Toll-Free) or talk to us on skype@Indicure