Root Canal Treatment: When and Why Do You Need One?

Root Canal Treatment

Tooth pain is the only sign of any dental issue. And when it hits, most of us hesitate to make an appointment with the dentist assuming that we would be recommended a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, the huge build-up attributed to the treatment has created a palpable fear psychosis about root canal treatment. Surprisingly, the root canal therapy is not that scary as we think. In fact, getting the treatment can be your best decision of saving your natural tooth.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is an endodontic treatment that saves a severely infected tooth by repairing the tooth pulp located at the center of the tooth. The tooth pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves which can get infected and the only chosen dental treatment is the root canal therapy. Although the procedure may sound unpleasant, it is far better than the extraction of the tooth.

The need for root canal treatment can be identified effectively by a professional dentist, but even patients can prepare themselves by taking into account certain attributes. In this blog, IndiCure covers some of the warning signs/symptoms that indicate a necessity for root canal therapy. 

  •  The most common sign is the tooth pain one may experience. It can range from mild to severe and may occur during sleep or while biting food.
  • The other symptom is the classic one – tooth pain when having cold drinks or hot foods. If the tooth sensitivity lasts for months without subsiding, then one may need a root canal treatment.
  • If the gums near the problem tooth feel tender and causes pain then you should consider this as a classic symptom needing a root canal therapy.

  • Cracked or chipped teeth can also need this treatment because the nerves get exposed to contaminants and further cause tooth decay.
  • Discoloration of a tooth which could have occurred due to nerve damage or bad hygiene can also necessitate a root canal therapy.
  • Any neglected tooth cavity can spread the infection to the root and eventually affect the nerves needing a root canal treatment that will save the tooth.

Moreover, the dentist will recommend an X-ray that will second whether you really need a root canal treatment and the tooth can be saved. 

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Considering the fact that there is no more effective treatment for the elimination of root canal infections, RCT has double benefits over tooth extraction. Let us consider the advantages of root canal treatment:
  • Patients will never feel the toothache and have no need to take painkillers to eliminate the pain caused by the infected tooth.
  • Owing to the scraping of bacteria as a part of the therapy, this prevents the spread of any inner infection.
  • The treatment stops any abscess formation surrounding the tip of the infected tooth.
  • The recovery from the treatment is just a few days. Hence, it will have no negative impact on tooth sensitivity or the force of biting.
  • When the treatment is considered within time, one can protect the neighbouring teeth from the strain.
  • The treatment allows one to save their own tooth and retain natural chewing abilities.
  • Eventually, saving your own tooth will help you avoid spending unnecessary money on expensive dental procedures or being ashamed of any missing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment in India

Generally, root canal treatment takes 2-4 sittings. But, if you consider the same in India, one can get the luxury of single sitting RCT with the help of the best dentists and the latest equipment. The set of dentists in India are efficient in handling integrated technology providing the best root canal treatment causing minimum pain to the patient.

Moreover, India offers root canal treatment at the best dental clinics at affordable prices. On a cost comparison, India stands amongst the low-cost destinations for root canal treatment overseas. Rootcanal cost in India starts from as low as USD 40, whereas, the same therapy can cost you $800 in the USA and £200/tooth in Europe.

If one feels that they have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can contact us. We understand the significance of every dental treatment conducted, and therefore, we treat our patients with utmost care. All the dental procedures are conducted by acknowledged and experienced dental surgeons. We also arrange for dental consultations and post-operative care, therefore making your medical trip to India comfortable and stress-free.

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