This Christmas Gift Cosmetic Holidays in India!

Tadaaaa!!! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few days away! 

Have you finished shopping? OR Are you still wondering what to gift your special ones? The Christmas holidays are a prime time for gifting each other. Well, with all the hustle and bustle, it’s important to thoughtfully gift something to your loved ones.

One specific topic of discussion has been trending around this time of year – whether it is a good idea to gift cosmetic surgery as a holiday gift? Well, cosmetic surgery can make an amazing gift for the right person. It will certainly show how much you care about their well-being and happiness.

But, if you are willing to gift someone cosmetic surgery, make sure you have a healthy conversation with your loved one. It is not your traditional gift to surprise them!  So, make sure you give this gift thoughtfully and only when you are sure the recipient needs it.

To make your task easy, IndiCure helps you with some tips when considering gifting cosmetic surgery.

·       You should gift cosmetic surgery only to people who have mentioned needing it. If you recommend cosmetic surgery to someone who has never mentioned getting it, he or she may feel offended or can even take it as an insult. So, make sure the person receiving your gift already needs the surgery.

·       Make sure to gift a consultation first. Do not schedule secret plastic surgery. Make sure the person you are gifting the surgery has a comprehensive consultation with the cosmetic surgeon of their choice. The person receiving the gift should be comfortable with the surgeon.

·      Lastly, include aftercare in your gift too. The happiness should not end when the person leaves the facility after undergoing the surgery. Offering an attentive caretaker during their recovery will be a bonus.

One of the great ways is to gift someone who has already had a consultation and decided on their terms. This will not only eliminate the risk of offending the person but also not affect the person with external pressure. Moreover, the candidate will get a good chance to discuss reasonable expectations.

The most popular plastic  procedures

Now that you have decided whom to gift cosmetic surgery, let’s discuss some of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures often gifted.

  • Tummy Tuck: The procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen to smoothen and tighten the remaining skin.
  • Liposuction: The procedure involves suctioning of fat from specific areas of the body which provides a slimmer silhouette.
  • Facelift: The procedure involves tightening of the facial skin that reduces wrinkles and softens lines. This gives the person a more vibrant and youthful look.
  • Mommy Makeover: This is a series of procedures combined to address a woman’s specific needs after having children.
  • Gynecomastia: Men with excess breast tissue can be gifted with this procedure to give them a more firm and masculine-looking chest.
  • Daddy Do-over: This is a series of procedures combined to address a father’s specific needs to boost their body and facial features.
Cosmetic Dentistry – One More Excellent Option

Who doesn’t need a camera-ready smile? Gifting your loved one a Smile Makeover will renew the person’s confidence and self-worth with results lasting for years to come. IndiCure provides you a list of some of the popular cosmetic dentistry procedures you can gift:

·       Dental Veneers: One of the great ways to overhaul your smile. Veneers are pieces of durable porcelain that are bonded to conceal dental imperfections.

·      Teeth Whitening: One of the easiest and fastest treatments, the procedure can transform the overall look of your teeth.

·       Dental Implants: This procedure fills your smile gaps. Moreover, if topped with a dental crown, dental implants will help you get a brand new tooth.

Plan an Educated Gift with IndiCure
Whether you would like to gift someone for Christmas or New Year or even a birthday, you can plan an educated gift with us. We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The decision of taking any treatment abroad is a serious decision that requires significant thinking, right guidance and a lot of preparation. We understand your concerns and are always willing to address them. Be assured that with IndiCure you are given utmost care and confidentiality.

IndiCure is the leader in providing cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery holiday packages which will rejuvenate your spirit and revive the perkiness you once had. Inquire today to plan your hassle-free affordable plastic surgery with us. For further assistance, call/whatsapp us at +91 93200 36777. You may alternatively write to us at .


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