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Knee Replacement in India – My Journey from Broken to Replaced Knees

"I travelled halfway around the world and had both of my legs broke and it was a pleasurable trip. To clarify I needed both knees replaced!   My idea was to operate on both knees at the same time; spend 4-5 days in the hospital, go to a hotel and come back for physical therapy; I was completely wrong!  At the first meeting with the surgery team, I was told they would do the left knee first, then wait a few days and do the right one. I even argued with them! Then I realised that they knew way more than me and they were COMPLETELY right. The left knee was done and I even considered just having injections in my right knee; here again, they were right. That would only be a temporary fix and I would be in the same position that I came in therewith. Did it hurt? YES! But it was the good kind because I can sense that an ending is in sight. There were a few problems that were handled as opportunities or solutions and were quickly resolved.  Regarding Physical Therap

Handling Post-op Questions with Flair

Once you have undergone cosmetic surgery, the anticipation of meeting loved ones and co-workers post-op might leave you stressed and anxious.  How will they react?  Will they notice? Will they like the new me? Calm down! Don’t let this unnecessary stress ruin your mood of cherishing the amazing cosmetic surgery results. Leave that to IndiCure! We are here to help you out with the uncomfortable and awkward post-operative questions. We have discussed some useful tips on how to answer these reactions with flair.     “Have you had work done?” Well, not many people will be this bold in questioning. But there will be one or two who might bluntly ask you this. Before you get offended and decide to never talk to that rude Aunty, step back and think about how you would answer this question. Primarily, getting the surgery done was your personal decision and you don't owe any explanation to anyone. A simple Yes or No will be perfectly fine. If you wis

A New Year, A New You: Post -Holiday Transformation

Post Holiday Transformation Before anything else, IndiCure wishes you a Happy New Year! We hope 2020 brings more joy and happiness in your already amazing lives! Happy New Year-2020! Holidays are a nonstop marathon of early mornings with kids, Christmas baking, cooking multi-course meals, huge family dinners, indulging in grandma’s sugar-laden pies, a few extra glasses of alcohol, and late nights with friends or family. Everyone is wrapped up in enjoying tons of treats. And that's what this time of the year is all about, ALL FUN! Don't we all feel like this after the festivities end! But after all that fun, there are days when we no longer feel our best. This is when New Year’s January hits and you begin to notice remarkable changes in your body. Dark circles or bags under the eyes and that turkey dinner’s extra pounds; we lose the energised  feeling and the fresh face. Nobody would love to welcome the New Year with such lethargy! We know you wish to