Handling Post-op Questions with Flair

Once you have undergone cosmetic surgery, the anticipation of meeting loved ones and co-workers post-op might leave you stressed and anxious. 

How will they react? 

Will they notice?

Will they like the new me?

Calm down! Don’t let this unnecessary stress ruin your mood of cherishing the amazing cosmetic surgery results. Leave that to IndiCure!

We are here to help you out with the uncomfortable and awkward post-operative questions. We have discussed some useful tips on how to answer these reactions with flair. 
  •  “Have you had work done?”

Well, not many people will be this bold in questioning. But there will be one or two who might bluntly ask you this. Before you get offended and decide to never talk to that rude Aunty, step back and think about how you would answer this question.

Primarily, getting the surgery done was your personal decision and you don't owe any explanation to anyone. A simple Yes or No will be perfectly fine. If you wish to continue the conversation, you can share about the procedures you underwent.  If you don't wish to share the information, you can say No and change the topic. Furthermore, if you cannot lie to their face, simply say, “I have been taking good care of myself,” and let them be. You are neither denying nor confirming undergoing a surgery, but you are not even keeping it a secret. 
  • “You looked better before the surgery.” OR “Why did you do that to your face/body?”

You must be happy with the cosmetic surgery results. No matter how happy you are, negative comments will pour in – especially the other person is critical of your looks. Often it is hard for loved ones to accept a dramatic change in our appearances. Sometimes the comments can be motivating, other times these can be out of jealousy. There’s nothing you can do about it and you shouldn't even. Some might try to sabotage you, but keep feeling confident about your results. Do not take it personally!

If someone tells you that you looked better before the surgery or questions you why would you change anything in your body; brush off such comments, it is completely their opinion. You can simply say, “I’m very satisfied the way I look and I’m sorry you didn’t like the change.” 
  • “May I feel your implants?”

Shocked? Believe us or not, there are people who might ask to feel your breast implants if you have had them. In this case, it is completely your choice how to respond. There are few women who don’t mind allowing loved ones to get that close. If you are comfortable in doing so, say yes and maintain the peace. Otherwise, you are free to say “no, thank you.” It is your body and it was your decision to get the surgery, so you don’t owe any explanation or even an examination to anyone. 
  •  “What is your secret?”

YES! You heard it right. There will be some who might ask you this instead of asking what have you done or what change is evident. Well, there are numerous ways to answer this question while being discreet and revealing as little as you want. Again, if you are not willing to share any piece of information about your procedure, simply say, “There’s no secret - I've been following a good skincare routine," or, "just living a healthier lifestyle.”

The Last Word

Post-op questions will never stop pouring in. You will have to deal with them sooner or later. The physical transformation will definitely shock people. If you feel anxious and uncomfortable with the idea of answering people, DON'T STRESS! Practice answering such questions the way IndiCure wants you to, i.e., with confidence and finesse.

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