A New Year, A New You: Post -Holiday Transformation

Post Holiday Transformation

Before anything else, IndiCure wishes you a Happy New Year! We hope 2020 brings more joy and happiness in your already amazing lives!

Happy New Year-2020!
Holidays are a nonstop marathon of early mornings with kids, Christmas baking, cooking multi-course meals, huge family dinners, indulging in grandma’s sugar-laden pies, a few extra glasses of alcohol, and late nights with friends or family. Everyone is wrapped up in enjoying tons of treats. And that's what this time of the year is all about, ALL FUN!

Don't we all feel like this after the festivities end!
But after all that fun, there are days when we no longer feel our best. This is when New Year’s January hits and you begin to notice remarkable changes in your body. Dark circles or bags under the eyes and that turkey dinner’s extra pounds; we lose the energised feeling and the fresh face. Nobody would love to welcome the New Year with such lethargy!

We know you wish to get that little boost as we enter 2020! As promised, IndiCure will always come with solutions for our beloved clients and readers. Hence, we bring you several solutions to get pumped up for the amazing year ahead! 

New year, New You....Right?

The New Year not only brings post-holiday blues but also a long winter to many parts of the world. Millions like us have new goals and new resolutions for the New Year. Right from a healthy diet, maintaining good mental health, more sleep, looking great or fine-tuning your body with cosmetic surgery.

People who wish to spruce up their appearance and regain their pre-holiday bodies usually consider cosmetic surgery as the best option during winters. With all the get-together and holiday parties behind us, winters give the option of a long stretch of recovery period post-surgery. You can have another advantage of hiding post-surgical swelling and bruising with sweaters and scarves!

Discover a New You this New Year!

IndiCure offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures with advanced procedural technology and safety. Rest assured, you can dream big about redesigning "A New You!" We can help you remove wrinkles, unwanted fat, sculpt new curves, or simply tighten up. Have a look at some of the transforming cosmetic surgery procedures we offer and how you can benefit from them this New Year:

·       Liposuction/Coolsculpting: If getting rid of the unwanted fat has been one of your resolutions for the last year and still you did not manage to get the body you want, you can consider these procedures for 2020. Both procedures are very popular and safe when you want to remove unwanted pockets of fat. The long-lasting results improve your body contour drastically. You can also check out this amazing information about the same: Liposuction – Break Up with Stubborn Fat!

·       Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: The holiday dietary and lifestyle changes can affect your facial glow too. Greeting people in New Year with a bright and fresh face is what you would want. Facial cosmetic surgery procedures offered by IndiCure will help you achieve a rejuvenated face. The most popular procedures we offer are Facelift, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty. And if you do not wish to undergo surgeries, you can opt for non-surgical procedures like Botox, Chemical Peel, or even Dermabrasion. So, slough off that last year’s skin and revitalize your face with us this 2020.

·       Cosmetic Dentistry: Holiday toffees, pies, crunchy pork or turkey might have cracked a tooth or have caused a toothache. You might be looking for affordable dental treatment or just a smile makeover to welcome new people in the New Year. IndiCure offers you yet another option to get a beautiful smile that will be an added asset to a New You!

Before you get lured to these exciting offers, Hold On! Ask yourself what needs a change in your body, why do you wish to change it, or what difference would that make in your life. Do not compromise. We know every one of us wants to have a change but deciding on getting cosmetic surgery needs in-depth research. If you finalise your procedure make sure you have a proper consultation with your provider and get your doubts cleared. If you want to know what all questions you need to ask, refer this: 10 Questions to Ask Before you Undergo Plastic Surgery!

Detox your Body too!

Our life is not only about enhancing our bodies or our appearances but also about keeping it healthy. Now that you have had a holiday indulging, it’s time to DETOX! We have listed a few bits of advice from our health experts that will help you in mindful and healthy living in 2020.
·       Exercise: It’s obvious that your exercise routine had been on the back-burner during the holiday marathon. A few squats here and there will ease you back into an active lifestyle. So, get started today!

·       Rethink your favourite foods: Enough of those buffalo wings, mashed potatoes, and holiday drinks. Now it's time to slim down your favourite foodstuff. Stay mindful when eating. Pay attention to what you put on your plate.

·       Sleep: One of the best ways to detox is by getting enough rest and sleep. Sleep not only improves your physical health but also your mental health.

The Last Word

"Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

These amazing words by Kate Angell from Squeeze Play, say a lot. Though getting a hot body and a pretty face is trendy, inner beauty is equally important. One should also boost their inner beauty quotient along with the outer! Stay beautiful and kind in this New Year, 2020!

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