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Single-Sided Deafness & Cochlear Implants

Single -Sided Deafness  Do you suffer from single-sided deafness? Is it hard for you to recognize where the sounds are coming from? Do you get lost in the background noise when having a one-on-one conversation? Calm down, you are not at all alone! Single-sided deafness or unilateral hearing loss is surprisingly common. We understand that connecting with friends and family becomes tough while dealing with the condition. But, do not give up hope! IndiCure has an option to help you restore the ability to hear by both the ears. The burden of Single-Sided Deafness Your friends and family might recognize the condition as a minor issue. But, practically, single-sided deafness impacts your quality of life significantly. Sometimes, it is difficult to make someone understand the mental effort you take when listening with one ear. You hardly hear the background noise. One cannot even judge the source of the noise and might even feel overwhelmed or disoriented. Also, while ha

Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day.. It’s almost here!!! T he cupid is here  to strike again!!! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. It’s the day when people across the globe celebrate love. We know it’s the perfect time for gifting red roses, teddy bears, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, cute candies with cheesy sayings or even cards with sugary sweet messages. Do you already have super romantic plans? Are you looking forward to nostalgic drives, intimate candlelight dinners and reminiscing well into the night? Or planning to start the night off by taking someone’s breath away? Regardless of how you are planning to spend your Valentine’s Day, IndiCure wants to make your February 14 th more special by making you feel more confident and greater in your skin. Whether you want to go wine and dine or head for a solo holiday to pamper yourself, IndiCure wants to make sure you have a double-take at your reflection each time you pass by a mirror. Let’s talk about some

Treatment in India: In the words of a Medical Tourist

Medical Tourism in India Many patients travel regularly to the West owing to the advanced medical care, but today the trend is shifting in the opposite direction. Moreover, people from Western countries themselves are seeking care outside their country. The phenomenon is labelled as Medical Tourism or Health Travel. Here we share an amazing story of a medical tourist, Mr. Daniel who visited India for medical treatment. His pleasing words will surely convince you to consider your options again and look at India seriously as your destination for medical travel. Daniel’s introduction to Medical Tourism in India and IndiCure Mr. Daniel is basically from Cameroon but has been living in the UK for the past 20 years now. Professionally a Petroleum Engineer, he had no knowledge of Medical Tourism. He did hear a lot of people talking about medical treatment in India and also read an article on the same but didn’t take it seriously until he came across a serious patient wi