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Single-Sided Deafness & Cochlear Implants

Single-Sided Deafness 

Do you suffer from single-sided deafness? Is it hard for you to recognize where the sounds are coming from? Do you get lost in the background noise when having a one-on-one conversation?

Calm down, you are not at all alone! Single-sided deafness or unilateral hearing loss is surprisingly common. We understand that connecting with friends and family becomes tough while dealing with the condition. But, do not give up hope! IndiCure has an option to help you restore the ability to hear by both the ears.

Single-sided Deafness

The burden of Single-Sided Deafness

Your friends and family might recognize the condition as a minor issue. But, practically, single-sided deafness impacts your quality of life significantly.

Sometimes, it is difficult to make someone understand the mental effort you take when listening with one ear. You hardly hear the background noise. One cannot even judge the source of the noise and might even feel overwhelmed or disoriented. Also, while having conversations, one has to struggle.

Why single-sided deafness/hearing loss is a burden?
  • Hard to engage in group conversations
  • Difficulty in recognizing the source of sound
  • Have to put in more mental effort to listen
  • Listening efforts might get exhausting
  • Noisy places can cause anxiety
The condition not only makes your communication difficult but also affects your relationships. People with hearing loss, usually, avoid social interaction.

Binaural Hearing

Let’s discuss why binaural hearing is important in our lives. Binaural hearing is the natural hearing of sounds with both the ears.

Whenever we hear sounds, our brain compares and interprets the separate sound signals that let us hear in 3D. This, in turn, filters out the background noise and we focus on the sound we want to hear.

If you consider the same with one ear, the sound becomes shapeless and hence hearing with single-sided deafness is very difficult.

Your audiologist might have recommended you with hearing aids and you might have also tried them. Hearing aids do offer some benefits but it combines all the sounds in one ear. This is again a monaural option! It might have not provided you with enough benefits. Instead, you should step forward to restore binaural hearing for better results.

Benefits of binaural hearing:
  • Better recognition of sound signals
  • Better speech
  • Less listening efforts
  • No more social isolation
  • Improvement in quality of life

Cochlear Implants for Single-Sided Deafness

Sounds travel from the outer ear to the inner ear, which is known as the cochlea. These sound waves are turned into nerve signals by the cochlea. The signals are then received by the brain through the auditory nerve. In the case of the deafened ear, the cochlea is not able to process these sound waves.

To hear with both the ears, both the cochlea should be used. Thankfully, IndiCure offers high-quality Cochlear Implants that are specially designed to enjoy life with the benefits of binaural hearing.

A cochlear implant device uses electrical pulses to restore the missing function of hair cells in the cochlea that activates the auditory nerve fibers. The sound waves then travel through the natural pathway of hearing. Both ears are combined along these pathways to provide the benefits of binaural hearing.


Successful cochlear implantation changes your communication skills and abilities and makes you more poised and independent. Practice and patience is the key to restore your hearing ability with a cochlear implant.

Cochlear Implant Surgery in India

Cochlear implant surgery in India

The cochlear implantation involves a multi-disciplinary approach and involves expert ENT surgeons, neuropsychologists, audiologists, pediatrician and speech therapists who work in a team to improve the hearing of the patient.


The approximate cost of cochlear implants is inclusive of pre-surgery tests and counseling, the implantation of the device or the surgery and post-op rehabilitation. 


The total cost of the cochlear implant surgery varies depending upon the type and model of implant, surgeon, hospital, the category of the room and the city where you choose to get the procedure done. As far as the cost of the surgery in the US is concerned it is around USD 100,000. The total cost of cochlear implant surgery in India ranges anywhere from the US $ 14,000 to 20,000 depending on various factors.


To get cochlear implant surgery at affordable prices in India, one should approach a reputed medical tourism company. The medical tourism companies have an association with the best hospitals and surgeons in India and offer cochlear implantation packages at negotiated prices.


IndiCure is the largest and most trusted medical tourism company offering healthcare services for high-quality cochlear implant surgery in India at affordable prices.

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IndiCure is here with you

We understand that hearing loss can pose a major difficulty in one’s life. That is why IndiCure commits to support you in every step of this soundful journey. Our dedicated team personally guides every patient with hearing loss and answers any question you may have.

We have chosen a few of the exceptionally skilled surgeons and best hospitals for cochlear implant surgery in India to provide you the most affordable and successful treatment.

IndiCure promises to make your voyage from silence to sound, an incredible experience for you. For more information on cochlear implant surgery in India, write to us at, or call us at +91-932-003-6777 | +1-877-270-2448 or Skype us @ Indicure