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Treatment in India: In the words of a Medical Tourist

Medical Tourism in India

Many patients travel regularly to the West owing to the advanced medical care, but today the trend is shifting in the opposite direction. Moreover, people from Western countries themselves are seeking care outside their country. The phenomenon is labelled as Medical Tourism or Health Travel.

Here we share an amazing story of a medical tourist, Mr. Daniel who visited India for medical treatment. His pleasing words will surely convince you to consider your options again and look at India seriously as your destination for medical travel.

Daniel’s introduction to Medical Tourism in India and IndiCure

Mr. Daniel is basically from Cameroon but has been living in the UK for the past 20 years now. Professionally a Petroleum Engineer, he had no knowledge of Medical Tourism. He did hear a lot of people talking about medical treatment in India and also read an article on the same but didn’t take it seriously until he came across a serious patient with a brain tumor. It was then that he learned more about the treatment on the IndiCure’s website.

Mr. Daniel had to treat the serious patient at the best facility. The patient had a brain tumor right in the middle of the head which was about 5 centimeters huge. He not only had a tumor but also had hydrocephalus (water in the brain). Considering the seriousness of the patient, Mr. Daniel wanted the best solution. After contacting a few people, he arrived at the conclusion that the treatment was too expensive in many parts of the world. From getting a quote of 36,000 Euros from Italy to a quote of 35, 000 Euros from South Africa, Mr. Daniel was really disappointed.

That’s when he thought of browsing the Internet to look for affordable treatment options and there, he stumbled upon IndiCure’s site. Finally, he decided to take the patient to India for the surgery. Everyone got surprised at Daniel’s decision of taking the patient to India. But after calling IndiCure, Mr. Daniel convinced everyone that the patient will be in the safest hands. Thanks to IndiCure’s top medical affiliations, the patient was successfully treated and today is able to live a normal life and has a lot of hope for tomorrow.

That was the story of Mr. Daniel’s kind heart of giving the patient a ray of hope through Medical Tourism in India with IndiCure. Let’s know more about Mr. Daniel’s experience with IndiCure for his own medical treatment.

"The Journey has been Flawless!!"

Feather in our caps!!! Yes, we are proud to have received words like these from Mr. Daniel. He added that whenever he was in need of any sort of information, IndiCure was adept in reverting with the most comprehensive details about the same.

Precisely, it is a huge decision to travel from the UK to India for medical treatment and IndiCure understands the sensitivity behind every tourist's decision of travelling abroad. Hence, we assure you to provide the correct information in a timely manner for tourists like Mr. Daniel to plan their medical trip with IndiCure efficiently. This is exactly what Mr. Daniel has described when questioned about his journey with us.

"IndiCure’s Case Manager Exceeded My Expectations!!"

Another feather in our cap!!! When asked about how helpful the case manager at IndiCure was, Mr. Daniel described the experience with our case manager as – "it exceeded my expectations." He also kindly explained why he chose to define the work with an adjective!

Mr. Daniel elaborates that when people think of Medical Tourism, most of them are attracted to the West. People look for the US and the UK for the advanced medical services these countries provide. On the contrary, if you consider the East for medical treatment, that to India, the first impression of most people is, "AHH... WELL WHY INDIA?"

Coming from the UK and considering the UK health system, Mr. Daniel had high expectations from the very beginning. Keeping this in mind, he needed someone with great patient assistance skills who would understand the significance of providing the right information at the right time. Case managers are the only ones that patients resort to discuss the trip information or financial resources. For medical tourists who are really serious, taking an informed decision within a short span of time becomes difficult. This is where case managers come into the picture who help in taking the right intervention and support every life.

"God Bless India and Indian Doctors!!"

He further blessed the medical care in India and the doctors here. He added that Indian Doctors immensely contribute to medical care in India and offer quality work. "It’s a very noble thing to save human life," added Mr. Daniel.

Summarizing the entire experience, he claimed that he would not be hesitant to recommend India to anyone considering saving money on medical treatment. "India is the solution!" he exclaimed.

"No Waiting Time in India!!"

When asked to compare the health services in the UK and India, he boldly replied, "It’s day and night!" He described waiting time in the UK for treatment as a NIGHTMARE! Mr. Daniel is a sportsman and has shin splint. He has been struggling to visit a specialist in the UK for the last 12 months now. Isn’t that really long?

On the contrary, when speaking about India, "I have seen the specialist, got the MRI and CT scan done in two days!" Hence, he describes the entire difference between health services in the UK and India as "DAY AND NIGHT". And this is the major reason why people consider Medical Tourism in India -- No waiting time and right to have the desired medical information whenever the patient needs it.
What about the price?

"Ah... Price! Well as I said before, the mathematics is simple with regards to price. I got a full executive check-up for the equivalent of $240 with five consultations with the specialist. And when we talk about a check-up, I don't know what is left! Checked everything! So, for that price, it is a no brainer!"

These were the words of Mr. Daniel regarding the treatment price in India. He is extremely happy and delighted with the price as he would not have received the service at such a lesser price.

"When you have health, you can run for wealth. But when don’t have health; you will have to look for the wealth to buy health!!"

These amazing words by Mr. Daniel are a huge motivation for every one of us. We should not only take our health seriously but also take early decisions of getting medical treatment, if needed, to have a better tomorrow. He gladly ends the interview by saying that he would recommend Medical Tourism in India with IndiCure to anyone in pain for an affordable experience abroad.

About IndiCure

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