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Bariatric Surgery in India: An Aussie's Review

Bariatric Surgery in India

Medical Tourism in India has grown by leaps and bounds during the last few years. Popularity of Indian healthcare among patients from across the globe has grown drastically over the last decade.

Every year, hundreds of Australians travel to India to have a rejuvenating experience of the centuries-old culture, unique tastes, and most importantly cheaper healthcare. Be it bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, or treatment for a major chronic condition; India has always been the prime healthcare choice for Australians.

Even if you include airfare, accommodation, surgery, hospital stay the cost of medical treatment in India is still much lesser than the cost of treatment in Australia; but mind you the quality of medical services remains uncompromised. There is nil waiting time and language is not a problem. Therefore, a trip to India is a win-win decision for Australians and visitors from various parts of the world.

What can make an Aussie more delightful than this?

In this article, we share the review of an Aussie, Mr. Terry. He chose IndiCure for his weight loss surgery in India. We are honoured that we could help him get through his struggle with weight. Watch him speak about his delightful experience in India.

Recovering from his Bariatric surgery in one of the best hospitals in India, Mr. Terry granted us an opportunity to take an honest review of the entire weight loss journey with IndiCure.

For many days he searched on the Internet for the best and affordable destination for weight loss surgery. He had to find such a place since Australia is very expensive in terms of weight loss surgery. Also, the waiting period in Australia is too long. So, he finalized Thailand and India. After inquiring about some Medical Tourism companies in Thailand and India, he secured IndiCure. Mr. Terry was impressed by the reputation of the surgeon IndiCure recommended him. 

To his satisfaction, IndiCure made sure he received every detail of his weight loss surgery in India. With an immense faith in IndiCure’s facilitation, Mr. Terry finally decided to travel to India for his surgery. 

IndiCure had hand-picked the best bariatric surgeon and JCI-accredited hospital for his surgery in India. We ensured he was in good hands. The contentment on his face is the evidence that he had a smooth surgical journey right from his first consultation to the follow-ups after the surgery.

Another reason why he chose India over Thailand is the cost of surgery in India.  He mentioned that the prices in India are excellent and cheaper than in Thailand. IndiCure offered him the best and most affordable weight loss surgery package.

Further, appreciating the Indian doctors, Mr. Terry was delighted with the experience from the airport pickup to the day of surgery. "Both surgeon and nurse were excellent, above and beyond on an equal par with Australia. IndiCure is using the right hospitals," he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Terry was amazed by the number of tests performed at the facility. He had surgeries previously in Australia, but he was surprised that Indian hospitals perform numerous tests for a successful outcome. This is not the case in Australia. 

Bariatric surgery is not just about losing weight. Indian surgeons believe that successful outcomes are best achieved when patients get an accurate assessment of their health before surgery. Apart from basic tests, additional tests are performed to determine breathing difficulties, liver malfunction, and abnormal body fluids or blood fat levels. These tests avoid surgical stress.

Lastly, he added that he would recommend treatment in India with IndiCure to anyone looking for similar services. "I’m very lucky from what I’ve read a lot of people that don’t have as smooth rows as I had," he concludes. 

Why one should consider Weight Loss Surgery in India?

Weight Loss Surgery is one of the commonly performed medical procedures at some of the best hospitals in India. Over the years, weight loss surgery has seen many advancements and variations. The newly evolved Laparoscopic or Minimally invasive bariatric surgery has given a new horizon to obesity surgery in India. Besides technology and infrastructure, the bariatric surgeons in India are well known for their expertise and skills throughout the world.

The bariatric surgery cost in India is much less as compared to the cost of obesity surgery in western countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Owing to the lower cost of bariatric surgery in India, many medical tourists come to India for bariatric surgery in India.

IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company in India which facilitates obesity surgery at some of the best bariatric surgery hospitals in India. The company offers affordable bariatric surgery at negotiated prices with some of the most renowned weight loss surgeons in India. You can call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1 877 270 2448 (US Toll-free) or write to us at or talk to us at Skype@IndiCure.