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Neck Lift in India with IndiCure: A New Zealander’s Review

Neck Lift in India

IndiCure has efficaciously provided healthcare services and successfully treated patients from all over the world. Not only those who are seeking cost-effective surgery in India, but even to those who are not sure which is the best place to go for quality medical treatment.

We are one of the top medical tourism facilitators in India, promising the most favorable assistance and catering to universal patient care to people in quest of all kinds of medical treatments or cosmetic surgeries available in India. IndiCure also offers treatment packages that are tailored according to the patient requirements which match global standards.

Healthcare in New Zealand

The healthcare industry in New Zealand is well established but the cost of elective surgeries, like dental, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery etc is very high.  Therefore, many people from New Zealand are opting for treatment in other countries.

With the rising popularity of Medical Tourism in India, a huge number of patients from New Zealand are considering India as their treatment destination. The most attractive feature of treatment in India is the availability of affordable treatments; that too without any waiting period. This has helped many medical tourists to save a lot of money for their treatment. Moreover, a wide range of treatments in India cost as low as one-tenth of what they cost in New Zealand.

Medical Tourism in India

IndiCure has been greeting and treating several patients from New Zealand every year and these numbers are rising consistently. Don't believe us? You should certainly not miss out on this piece of writing to know why folks from New Zealand are choosing Medical Tourism in India.

Ms. Robyn Skarrette from New Zealand joins the list of delighted medical tourists of IndiCure. IndiCure was successful in providing her the best package for her cosmetic surgery in India. In this blog, we share her pleasing experience in India with IndiCure.

"I am here in Mumbai to have a Neck lift, which was very successful. The Neck Lift surgery was very satisfactory as far as I am concerned. It got rid of the extra skin and fat from under my chin and over my neck and I am very pleased with the results. I stayed in a hospital for two nights that was very good. I was very pleased with the preliminary investigations. To my well being, the doctor was thorough. These tests were carried out for my safety. My face wasn't touched because I wanted to remain my age, I didn't want to make myself look younger, so I just had a neck lift. My sister was also in the hospital at the same time in a separate room. After her surgery was done, I was able to see and talk to her which was good. On the whole, it was a very pleasant experience. After that, we came to the hotel which I highly recommend. It was a great experience in India and I can't but highly recommend the doctor. It was very pleasant to talk with him and gave me a great understanding of what was about to happen to me. The other surgeon and doctor, as well as the anesthetist, gave a lot of directions. On the whole, I am quite happy with the results."

Neck Lift in India

One of the most popular destinations for quality yet affordable plastic surgery in India. There are many reasons why people from all over the world travel to India for cosmetic surgery. For instance, Indian hospitals are internationally accredited, highly experienced and skilled surgeons, the cost of face and neck lift in India is quite less as compared to the cost in New Zealand. The cost of a face and neck lift is approximately $24,000 in New Zealand, whereas the same costs $2750 - $3950 in India.

IndiCure provides the best packages for face and neck plastic surgery at affordable prices in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai in India.

Why should New Zealanders choose India for Cosmetic Surgery in India?

There are countless reasons why New Zealanders should opt for Cosmetic Surgery in India. Visualize a complex cosmetic surgery being performed in India by the most skillful and experienced cosmetic surgeon at a price as low as one-tenth of what it costs in other countries. That is India!

India homes some of the best skilled cosmetic surgeons who have successfully treated patients from around the world. Right from quality services, a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedural options, top-notch infrastructure to expert medical professionals and zero waiting time; the list of advantages goes on.

About IndiCure

IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing cosmetic surgery in India with few of the best plastic surgeons. IndiCure has a preferred association with the best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in India where you get the most affordable cost of cosmetic surgery in India.

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