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Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Excess Skin After Weight Loss- An American’s Story

Getting rid of those extra pounds is often one of the most important factors to improve health, quality of life, and longevity. Whether through exercise, diet, or bariatric surgery, weight loss in obese is a must to lead a healthy physical, mental, social and emotional life.

It is also important to add that losing excess weight is not a mean task and is a huge accomplishment for those who achieve it.

If you are one of those who have lost a lot of weight, you must be indeed quite proud of yourself. Of course, you deserve to feel and look good after all the hard work and difficulties you have endured.

Unfortunately, significant weight loss is often accompanied by the burden of loose and excess skin.

excess skin after weight loss

Excess Skin after Weight loss

But do not worry, we have a solution for you. Body lift surgery is the solution to your struggle with excess skin after weight loss and can help you better enjoy your healthier new body.

Now, if you are worried as to where should you undergo this transforming surgery because the cost of body lift in your own country is too high for you to afford? Where would you get the best surgeon and hospital with exceptional services? Would you be able to find such a place abroad to lower the cost of this surgery? How faithful and truthful would the service provider be?

Obviously, these questions would confuse you. There is plethora of options available online, and since it is a major decision, you would obviously not like to take any chances.

Well, we bring you a review of our esteemed client who chose to undergo body lift surgery in India after he suffered from lot of loose skin after weight loss. This blog will answer all of your above questions and help you make an informed decision before you hop on a plane to India for a new body transformation.

Hicham Elkerdoudi’s Story

Mr. Hicham Elkerdoudi from the USA shares his experience of Body lift in India with IndiCure. He had undergone gastric bypass a few years back and was suffering from loose and excess skin after weight loss.

He wanted to undergo the lower body lift, but because the cost of body lift in the USA was too high for him, he started to look for options abroad. Just like any other medical tourist, he researched a lot online for the best option for his surgery. While he was looking for options in many different countries, he stumbled upon IndiCure. It is only after a series of discussions and comparison of choices in various countries, he chose India and IndiCure as his destination for body lift surgery.

Why IndiCure for plastic surgery in India?

The main reason for him choosing IndiCure was the way his queries were handled and the way information was provided to him.

He says he was surprised by the efficiency and the amount of information he was provided by his case manager. But we at IndiCure have always ensured that our esteemed medical tourists are provided with all the relevant information so that they are rest assured about their plastic surgery in India.

The moment we received Mr. Hicham's query mail, he was assigned one of our case managers to help with all the necessary details. As he appreciates, "She was very helpful in giving me the information about the procedure,".  

Our genuine patient reviews and testimonials also impressed him. And, he decided to take it further.

Though IndiCure had not given the least cost option, the quote was competitive. The amazing part of our plastic surgery packages - they are all-inclusive packages. He was also impressed with the expertise of the plastic surgeon, we recommended for his surgery.

After getting assured of the entire package, he decided to come to India during the Christmas time.

Medical Tourism in India

This was Hicham’s first trip to India and medical tourism is not as simple as any other tour or trip. There is definitely a lot more at stake. And we at IndiCure very well understand it.

He praises about the impeccable navigation IndiCure provided right from the day he sent the query to his arrival in India till he left for his country. Right from assisting him with the visa, booking the hotel, receiving him at the airport, arranging transport for the follow ups; and anything that he needed while his stay in India.

Before the surgery, he underwent a battery of tests to make sure he was fit for the anesthesia and the surgery. Though all his medical history had been taken earlier, the tests were done to be doubly sure for a smooth and uneventful recovery. The surgery took about six hours. After the surgery, Mr. Hicham was shifted to a recovery room where he was supervised by experienced doctors and nurses.

The process doesn't end here. Our doctors ensure that our patients are recovered and healed to the fullest before they return back to their countries. The surgeon had recommended a couple of follow up appointments to examine Mr. Hicham's recovery.

Our Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeons

Appreciating the surgeon, he recollects his experience with the surgeon as quite delightful. IndiCure is known to affiliate only with the plastic surgeons who are board certified, highly-skilled and have years of experience in the field of plastic surgery.

In this case too, we had recommended a surgeon who had 30 years of experience and a lot of expertise in body contouring. All his queries were answered by our surgeon. The best part - Mr. Hicham is very delighted with the treatment results.

Recommending IndiCure

Happily willing to recommend IndiCure to people looking for similar surgeries, Mr. Hicham appreciates the way IndiCure responded to his queries and the guidance we provided all through his plastic surgery in India. He is happy that he chose to undergo Body lift for excess skin after weight loss.

"IndiCure was very smooth, to say the least," he quotes happily. He was quite impressed with the guidance and facilitation we offered him throughout his journey.
More and more American patients are now choosing cosmetic surgery in India with IndiCure because we offer the complete package of quality treatment, ease of communication, and travel as well as highly competitive pricing.

For more information, contact us. IndiCure is the most renowned name for providing cosmetic surgery at the best plastic surgery hospitals in India. With an experience of more than a decade, you can expect the best services for your surgery in India at the most affordable cost. Please write to us at or call us at +91-932-003-6777 or chat with us at Skype @ Indicure.