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Knee Replacement in India

Knee Replacement in India - An Elderly Person’s Solo Journey

Are you 60+ and worried about travelling to India for medical treatment?

If so, this blog is just perfect for you!

It is difficult to imagine the elderly boarding planes and land in populated places like India for medical treatment. But nowadays it has become commonplace, thanks to medical tourism facilitators like IndiCure!

The elderly and the seniors are a large part of Medical Tourism in India. The most commonly sought treatments by them are hip and knee replacements, cardiovascular surgery, and plastic surgery procedures.

In this blog, we share a story of our client. Mr. Brian Whittle, an 89-year-old from Australia, who solo travelled to India for his knee replacement surgery.

Isn't that amazing?

Well, we quote the reason behind his decision – he had immense faith in IndiCure that he would be safely navigated throughout his medical treatment in India. Let's know more about his journey in India, how IndiCure was his only support, and get a handful of inspiration for your next trip to India.

Why he chose knee replacement in India?

"I am from Australia and it's a very long way to India, it's a long journey! But I think anybody contemplating making that journey will really benefit by having this operation," he noted.

For almost six years, Mr. Brian suffered pain and disability and was not able to walk properly. He had to wait for his operation due to the long waiting list in Australia. After a long wait, he finally decided to search for medical treatment options abroad. He discovered IndiCure and decided to take a leap of faith and approached us.

To his surprise, he found India very cost-effective in terms of knee surgeries in comparison to Australia. The cost of knee surgery in India costs a fraction of dollars ($5000) as compared to Australia ($28,000).

Having never been to India before, he thought of visiting India for his surgery.

Surgical Journey in India

After 23 hours of odd travel, Mr. Brian was received at the airport in India by IndiCure. Mr. Brian was taken to the hospital where he met our orthopedic surgeon who guided him with the entire treatment plan. He reached on a Saturday afternoon and was offered to stay at the hospital itself on Saturday and Sunday for the surgery to be scheduled on Monday morning.

In these two days of his hospital stay, our affiliated hospital got the preliminary tests including x-rays, pathology tests, heart rates, blood tests, and urine tests. Mr.Brian was quite impressed by the whole process he had undergone.

Finally, the operation day arrived and he was wheeled into the operating theatre. The hospital made sure that he undergoes the surgery successfully. Right from getting injected with the anesthesia to the physical therapy regime, Mr. Brian had a very pleasing surgical experience.

"The nursing staff were very good very very very good... very gracious and kind… and did all they could do to help you." That's how, he appreciated the staff at our hospital.

He did experience some pain issues just like any other knee replacement surgery patients. But our surgeon handled this issue with the utmost care and advised him some pain management tablets. Also, Mr. Brian underwent all his physiotherapy sessions supervised by an experienced physiotherapist at the hospital.

The care and service at our hospitals are exceptional. Our surgeons and medical staff are highly experienced and qualified that provide our clients with outstanding hospitality.

Moreover, IndiCure had hand-picked hotel accommodation for Mr. Brian with amazing in-house services. As he traveled to India alone, his safety was IndiCure's responsibility and we did a great job!

"It's very nice hotel.. very comfortable, and they're treating me very well." Mr. Brian commented on the hotel he stayed in.

Mr. Brian's recommendation to all the seniors out there!

Overall, he appreciated our services. He found our facilitation very helpful and was very pleased with the entire experience in India. Happily willing to recommend IndiCure, Mr. Brian urges people looking for such surgeries to approach companies like IndiCure outside their countries and take action as early as possible to live a life without pain.

"If you want to get better, you have to do something about it. So, get off your backside and contact IndiCure. You will find them very helpful and I'm sure, you will be very pleased with what happens," Mr. Brian recommends!

He also said it makes complete sense to travel to India for your surgery if you can't afford to have it done locally because knee replacement cost in India and resulting cost savings is worth all the effort you put in. 

Knee Replacement in India with IndiCure

We hope Mr. Brian's story has instilled the required faith in IndiCure and help you decide to travel to India for medical treatment. If you think India is a great destination for your knee replacement surgery, we urge you to make an informed decision. Just for our future clients, we elaborate on few key points of Knee Replacement Surgery in India.

 Medical Tourism in India

India has emerged out as the hub for the procedure. Indian Joint replacement surgeons are considered among the best orthopedic surgeons in the world. They are board-certified & extensively trained and have years of experience behind them in performing the procedure. The knee replacement surgery in India reviews are excellent & international patients traveling to India are all praise for Indian doctors.

Besides excellent facilities & highly trained doctors, knee replacement cost in India is also a very lucrative factor that attracts a lot of medical tourists in India. The knee replacement cost in India is as less as USD 5500 for a single joint & USD 10,000 for both joints.  The cost of knee replacement in India thus works well for those people also who are on a tight budget but want to get relief from their knee joint problems.

About IndiCure

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