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Cosmetic Surgery Treatments to Book Now

Aren't our lives staring into the abyss due to the lockdown? Despite this, we are forced to work and be presentable on the daily Zoom meetings. Until now, we were never used to seeing our faces while talking to people. But nowadays, we have started to rethink how we look or present ourselves. Most importantly, we have started noticing the lines or bags - that’s the power of the camera. The rapid increase of video calls and social media has not left any angle of our faces, heads, and necks go unnoticed. We may not be socialising, but this new normal of working from home has made us aware of how we look while speaking on a video call. These interactions are making us more critical of our features. Certainly, IndiCure has noticed this increased level of facial inspection. Also, to let you know, we have many of our clients waiting for their cosmetic surgeries to commence post lockdown. IndiCure has been conducting virtual consultations to guide our clients about the right cosmetic

GERD Surgery in India

 GERD Surgery in India Are you experiencing indigestion, heartburn, reflux or regurgitation every now and then? If so, then did you know these issues are also a sign of chronic digestive disease?  Well, we all have had some type of acid regurgitation, but some people experience these symptoms regularly or chronically. If these symptoms get severe, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Anyone struggling constantly with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), may find the right solution in the form of GERD surgery.  But then, where should you choose to undergo such a surgery if you do not have specialists to treat this locally? Where would you find the most experienced surgeons and good healthcare facilities at affordable cost? We have an answer to this! Many patients are now opting for GERD surgery in India to avoid long waiting lists for their appointment and cut expenses. Medical Tourism in India has been on an upswing as the country abounds in world-class h