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Dental Treatment in India amidst Covid 19 As each day passes by in the era of COVID-19, we are slowly getting keener on returning to our normal life. After months of lockdown and isolation, dentists in India have slowly started to resume their practice, open their clinics, and provide excellent patient care. We are gradually stepping out into the world and experiencing a new normal, however, the question arises, what can a patient expect from a trip to India for dental treatment amidst or post COVID-19? How are Dental Practices in India Coping During these Uncertain Times? Not to forget, alongside other healthcare providers, dental surgeons are equally at the risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. Like any other industry, COVID-19 has a devastating effect on the dental industry too. But with a constant surge in the pandemic's curve, it has become difficult for the world to predict the long-term impact at this point. Dental clinics in India have adapted to the

Facelift after Massive Weight loss

Facelift after Massive Weight loss Are you worried about the loose facial skin post massive weight loss? Sagging skin in the cheeks or excessive facial crease or slack jaw and neckline are some of the most common issues when one has lost a significant amount of weight. In such cases, you can opt for cosmetic surgical procedures to get rid of the excess of skin and restore the youthfulness on your face. A facelift combined with a neck lift is an excellent option since this will help you not only to look younger but to have your face match your new and healthier body. Depending on the extent of the weight loss or the degree of skin laxity, a you would also benefit from having another facial procedure performed at the same time. For example, a patient with a drooping forehead after weight loss can also benefit from a brow lift at the same time as the facelift. When considering facelift with a neck lift, what better place than India to get it done at an affordable price. With the adva