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Dental Treatment in India amidst Covid 19

As each day passes by in the era of COVID-19, we are slowly getting keener on returning to our normal life. After months of lockdown and isolation, dentists in India have slowly started to resume their practice, open their clinics, and provide excellent patient care.

We are gradually stepping out into the world and experiencing a new normal, however, the question arises, what can a patient expect from a trip to India for dental treatment amidst or post COVID-19?

How are Dental Practices in India Coping During these Uncertain Times?

Not to forget, alongside other healthcare providers, dental surgeons are equally at the risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. Like any other industry, COVID-19 has a devastating effect on the dental industry too. But with a constant surge in the pandemic's curve, it has become difficult for the world to predict the long-term impact at this point.

Dental clinics in India have adapted to the new structural changes currently required in the dentistry industry. The dentists and the other staff have undergone proper training and process management as per the guidelines provided by the Indian Dental Association (IDA), Government of India, and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to ensure minimum risk of the virus to dentists and patients. Moreover, the dentists and their assistants wear personal protective gear at all times.

The New Normal

Post-COVID a new norm has begun giving rise to several mandatory precautions to be followed during every dental treatment session/appointment. Some of them are:

Patient Waiting Time: The waiting time has been reduced drastically. Now, you don't have to sit in the waiting area for your appointment. The trend has changed, patients now can wait in their cars, and they'll receive a text that informs you when the doctor is ready for your appointment. Moreover, IndiCure ensures to accommodate you near the dental facility you will have your treatment done which will save traveling and waiting time too.

Measures for Safety of Patients: Temperature is taken using a no-contact thermometer before you enter the facility. Patients are asked to sanitize their hands and wear gloves, shoe covers, mouth mask, and head cap.

Hygiene Standards: Dental clinics in India are more ventilated and strict hygiene is being maintained. A new HVAC filter installation is recommended. Also, to reduce physical contact, electronic payments are becoming more common.

Precautions during dental procedures: Instruments like probes and mirrors are packed separately for each patient. Autoclave machines are used more frequently. Dental treatments that release aerosols are being avoided and instead, more conservative means are used (e.g. use of hand instruments). Disposables are becoming more popular to avoid any transmission of the virus.

Although, it is very unlikely to get back to the old normal, dental facilities across India are welcoming every possible change required to avoid the spread of infection.

FAQs- Dental Tourism in India

Over the last few weeks, IndiCure has been in touch with many of our patients to answer their queries. We thought of compiling these most commonly asked queries along with the answers in this blog so that you plan for your upcoming trip to India for dental care.

Can I schedule my dental treatment for September 2020, and beyond?

Yes, you can schedule your dental treatment for September now, to start your procedures after India opens its borders.

Once India opens its borders; will travellers be quarantined?

The government of India has not made any announcement regarding how it will manage medical travelers post COVID-19 flight suspensions. But we will keep you updated with regular news.

If I become ill during my time in India, will I be taken to the hospital?

Yes, of course. If you feel sick at any time during your dental treatment, IndiCure will take you to the best hospital for proper medical care. Also, to your relief, India has one of the finest private hospital systems in the world.

Once India opens its borders; will it be safe to visit and travel around India?

While the world may be changing, what won't change is India's reputation as a top global medical and dental tourism destination. The dental community in the country is taking the necessary steps to keep India and our patients safe while they receive world-class dental care.

When India opens its doors again, IndiCure looks forward to welcoming you with open arms.

The Rise of Tele-Dentistry in India

In the current scenario, you won’t be able to physically see our dental surgeons but our dentists are now offering consultation through telecommunication known as Tele-dentistry.

Our dentists will use their laptops and smartphone and try to see vulnerable patients in the safety of your home. You can easily get your symptoms checked, or queries answered. One can send pictures or connect on video calls to get the right kind of consultation.

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