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Facelift after Massive Weight loss

Facelift after Massive Weight loss

Are you worried about the loose facial skin post massive weight loss?

Sagging skin in the cheeks or excessive facial crease or slack jaw and neckline are some of the most common issues when one has lost a significant amount of weight. In such cases, you can opt for cosmetic surgical procedures to get rid of the excess of skin and restore the youthfulness on your face.

sagging skin after weight loss

A facelift combined with a neck lift is an excellent option since this will help you not only to look younger but to have your face match your new and healthier body. Depending on the extent of the weight loss or the degree of skin laxity, a you would also benefit from having another facial procedure performed at the same time. For example, a patient with a drooping forehead after weight loss can also benefit from a brow lift at the same time as the facelift.


When considering facelift with a neck lift, what better place than India to get it done at an affordable price. With the advancement in technology and the rise of medical tourism, more and more people from across the world are now travelling overseas to India for multiple and elective plastic surgeries including facelift and neck lift.

Here, we bring you one of our esteemed clients' testimonials to give a glimpse of what India offers when it comes to quality plastic surgeries. Also, watch him tell you why should you choose IndiCure for your cosmetic surgery in India.

Facelift & Necklift in India - An American’s Review

Mr. Chris from the US underwent Face Lift in India along with a Neck lift. 

After losing a lot of weight, he almost aged five to ten years overnight. As the days passed, he was constantly being reminded of his age by his closed ones. After repetitive reminders, he finally started looking for cosmetic surgery to look more youthful.


He was keener on getting a facelift along with a neck lift. After looking for multiple destinations, he thought of India since he had heard about the quality care offered in the hospitals of India. That's when he contacted IndiCure! To his surprise, we had to tell him that the surgeries he wanted to undergo would not yield results as expected. Despite this, he decided to give this a shot!

He also appreciated the way IndiCure helped him solve his visa-related issues. Since IndiCure ensures to provide the best of medical travel services, we also provide all the guidance necessary to every medical tourist opting for any cosmetic treatment in India.

The hospital and medical staff

IndiCure is known to handpick surgeons and hospitals as per your surgical need. In the case of Mr. Chris, we made sure he was comfortable with the surgeon and the medical staff at our affiliated hospital.

He had also thought of travelling to Thailand when he faced problem with the visa, but then IndiCure’s assistance and the surgeon’s profile and experience grabbed his attention and he finalized India for his cosmetic surgeries. Also, he did not even hesitate to compare hospital care in India with that of the US. It’s a feather in our cap to know that the hospital we chose for him exceeded his expectations.

We were glad when Mr. Chris found the surgeon competent and the hospital to be of great service. During his stay at the hospital, the staff ensured he was looked after with utmost care. After almost two weeks post his surgery, he is extremely happy with results.

Facelift cost in India

IndiCure has been offering cost-effective and affordable cosmetic surgery packages for a decade now. Our patients have also enjoyed their rejuvenating vacation post their surgeries which is inclusive of our cosmetic surgery package.

Mr. Chris also found the cost to be a fraction of what is offered in the US. He had also combined a trip with some sightseeing which was included in his entire surgical package.

Mr. Chris recommends IndiCure

Impressed by our services, Mr. Chris happily recommended IndiCure to people looking for similar treatments in India. Right from choosing the very safe hospitals to delivering satisfactory surgical results, IndiCure takes care of every medical navigation needed.

Facelift with Neck Cosmetic Surgery – Why consider India for facial plastic surgery?

India is one of the most popular destinations offering quality and affordable plastic surgery. There are many reasons for which people from all over the world travel abroad for cosmetic surgery in India. For instance – Indian plastic surgeons are internationally accredited and well known for their experience and skills, the facelift cost in India is as little as a third of what one has to pay in countries like the USA or UK.

Some other advantages of availing cosmetic surgery in India are – English speaking hospital staff, peaceful recovery, and affordable holiday packages. IndiCure is one of the best medical tourismcompanies that provides face and neck plastic surgery at affordable prices in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai in India.

For more information about the cost of facelift and neck lift together in India, write to or call at +919320036777.

Allow us to help you with your treatment research, guide you with the treatment cost, and answer any queries you may have. You can request a quote or even book a teleconsultation.  Requesting a firm quote will allow you to know the cost of your procedure as well as any surgeon recommendations.

You can also share your pictures of the target areas/medical reports so that we can prepare your treatment and help you with the customized cost of your surgery.

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