Joint Care During COVID-19

Joint Care during COVID-19

Joint Pain

Are you waiting for or recovering from a joint replacement surgery?

If yes, then this is what you can do at home for your joint care.

Many elective surgeries such as joint replacements are being postponed during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the situation, hospital staff and resources are being made available for patients affected by the virus. Social distancing is to be practised and people are being asked to avoid clinics and hospitals unless there's an emergency. But what can you do to take care of your painful joints during this period?

Whether you are waiting to have an elective joint replacement, or you are recovering from surgery at home, IndiCure has come up with few ways to improve your joint health on your own. Let's discover more!

 Is your surgery delayed? 

Painful joints can hamper your daily activities. Moreover, at this time there is a lack of physical activity. All you can do is taking your medications to manage the painful joints and strengthen them as you await your new surgery date.

IndiCure spoke to one of the esteemed orthopedic surgeons in India and he recommends some of the useful measures to follow. Here’s what you can do before surgery is rescheduled:

      Follow medication guidelines as advised. Your doctor must have advised medications like anti-inflammatory medications. Make sure to take them on time. If you plan to take any over-the-counter pain relief medication for your joint pain, then it is highly recommended to consult your physician before taking them.

      Applying ice packs or heat on an affected painful joint can help you manage your pain.

      Low-impact exercises or stretching can help keep your joints and muscles mobile.

      Try to lose weight. Did you know? For every pound of weight you lose, your knees and hips can be unloaded by 3-5 pounds!

 Are your follow-up visits postponed? 

If you've had your joint replacement surgery before or during this pandemic, then you will have a hard time visiting your surgeon for follow-ups. But still, you can have a great recovery.

Take your prescribed medications on time, follow your exercise routine, and get a good night’s sleep. These three factors have a big impact on the road to recovery after your joint replacement surgery. Here’s what you can do after surgery:

      Make sure to take your medications as directed by your doctor. If you plan to have a changed course or switch to over-the-counter medication, consult your doctor for better guidance.

      Compression. elevation, ice packs, and practice rest.

      Strictly follow the exercise regime.

You can also refer to our Patient Guide to Recovery After Joint Replacement Surgery:

 Stay Connected with your Surgeon

Although it’s best to stay away from clinics and hospitals at this time unless you are seriously ill, stay connected with your doctor when you experience the following problems related to your joints:

      Experiencing pain that isn’t controlled by the prescribed medications

     Significantly increased swelling and/or pain

      Concerns about incision

      Persistent wound drainage

     Sustained an injury

The only option left is to connect through the phone. You can check with your surgeon's office for options that may help you connect virtually - such as a video call or patient engagement app for your smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, many tele-health options are emerging rapidly and are a potential tool to connect with your healthcare team.

 Getting past the pandemic

One must understand that a delay in your scheduled surgery is the need for these trying times and is for your benefit. Indirectly you are helping the community to give care primarily to the people affected by the virus who are needier.

So, the staying patient is the only key! If you have your surgery scheduled in India or willing to schedule one, your surgeon will certainly reschedule cancelled surgeries and address your needs as soon as possible.

The Indian healthcare system is resilient. Elective surgeries or follow-up appointments will definitely resume as soon as it is safe and the resources are available. IndiCure requests our clients to please be patient!

 Joint Replacement in India

India has emerged out as the hub for the procedure. Indian Joint replacement surgeons are considered among the best orthopedic surgeons in the world. They are board-certified & extensively trained and have years of experience behind them in performing the procedure. The joint replacement surgery in India reviews are excellent & international patients travelling to India are all praise for Indian doctors.

Learn more about the Best Hospitals and Surgeons for Joint Replacement in India:

Besides excellent facilities & highly trained doctors, knee replacement cost in India is also a very lucrative factor that attracts a lot of medical tourists in India. For example, the knee replacement cost in India is as less as USD 5000 for a single joint & USD 10,000 for both joints.  The cost of knee replacement in India thus works well for those people also who are on a tight budget but want to get relief from their knee joint problems.

 Watch our patients talk about their joint replacement surgical journey in India with IndiCure:

1. Mr. Brian Whittle, 89 year-old from Australia: 

2. Mr. Edward from Nigeria: 

3. Mr. Dwayne Winn from USA: 

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