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India Opens Its Skies for International Patients

  India Opens Its Skies for International Patients Isn't this a great news? Indeed, it is!!!!!! After months of a long waiting period, our beloved medical tourists can take a sigh of relief. We know it has been a heck of a ride. A period that was traumatising yet self-introspecting. This Covid-19 pandemic has tested our patience and indeed taught us a lot. Well, now that the entire world is coping up, so is INDIA. Finally, India has opened its skies for International Patients. With all the protocols in place, India is all set to receive medical travellers from a few countries that the government has allowed. Moreover, patients from the neighbouring countries who fell under the emergency category have already starting travelling to India on medical grounds. Medical Travel to India amidst Covid We, at IndiCure, assure you to provide the safest and the highest quality medical tourism services. All you need to do is read this blog carefully if you are looking for affordable