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India Opens Its Skies for International Patients

 India Opens Its Skies for International Patients

Isn't this a great news?

Indeed, it is!!!!!! After months of a long waiting period, our beloved medical tourists can take a sigh of relief. We know it has been a heck of a ride. A period that was traumatising yet self-introspecting. This Covid-19 pandemic has tested our patience and indeed taught us a lot.

Well, now that the entire world is coping up, so is INDIA.

Finally, India has opened its skies for International Patients. With all the protocols in place, India is all set to receive medical travellers from a few countries that the government has allowed. Moreover, patients from the neighbouring countries who fell under the emergency category have already starting travelling to India on medical grounds.

Medical Travel to India amidst Covid

We, at IndiCure, assure you to provide the safest and the highest quality medical tourism services. All you need to do is read this blog carefully if you are looking for affordable yet quality medical treatment amidst this pandemic. Here, we share some important information on:

      Guidelines issued by the Government of India for International Arrivals

      Safety Measures followed by the hospitals in India

      Why is India still safe to travel for Medical Treatment? 


welcome to India

 1. Guidelines issued by the Government of India for International Arrivals

With various countries gradually lifting travel restrictions from India under air bubble arrangements, India has created air travel arrangements with countries like the US, France, Germany, the UK, Canada, the UAE and Maldives.


  • Submit self-declaration form on the online portal ( at least 72 hours before the scheduled travel.
  • Give an undertaking agreeing to undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days:
    • 7 days paid institutional quarantine at their own cost.
    • 7 days isolation at home with self-monitoring of health.
    • Home quarantine may be permitted for 14 days
  • To seek an exemption, apply at least 72 hours before boarding.
  • Exemption from institutional quarantine may be sought by submitting a negative RT PCR test report on arrival.
  • This test should have been conducted within 96 hrs before undertaking the journey.
  • The test report should be uploaded on the portal for consideration or produced upon arrival. 


  • Do's and Don'ts shall be provided along with a ticket to the travellers.
  • All passengers shall be advised to download the Arogya Setu app on their mobile devices.
  • After the thermal screening, only asymptomatic travellers will be allowed to board the flight.
  • Passengers arriving through the land borders will also have to undergo the same protocol.
  • Suitable precautionary measures such as environmental sanitation and disinfection shall be ensured at the airports.
  • During boarding and at the airports, all possible measures to ensure social distancing to be ensured.


  • Travellers who had not filled in the self-declaration form on the portal shall fill the same in duplicate or on arrival at the airport/ seaport/ land port.
  • Suitable announcement about COVID-19 shall be made at airports/port and in flights/ships and during transit.
  • While on board the flight/ ship, required precautions such as wearing masks, environmental hygiene, respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, etc. are to be observed.


  • De-boarding should be done ensuring social distancing.
  • The self-declaration form filled online shall be shown (or a copy of physical self-declaration form to be submitted) to the airport health staff.
  • Post thermal screening, the passengers who have been exempted from institutional quarantine, the remaining passengers shall be taken to suitable institutional quarantine facilities, to be arranged by the respective State/ UT Governments.
  • These passengers shall be kept under institutional quarantine for a minimum period of 7 days.
  • Based on the clinical assessments and tests as per the ICMR protocol, passengers with:
    • Asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic/very mild cases, they will be allowed home isolation or isolated in the COVID Care Centre.
    • Those having mild/ moderate/ severe symptoms will be admitted to dedicated COVID Health facilities and managed accordingly. If found negative, they shall be advised to further isolate themselves at home and self-monitor their health for 7 days.
    • In case any symptoms develop they shall inform the district surveillance officer or the state/national call center (1075).

 2. Safety Measures followed by the Hospitals in India


IndiCure takes immense pride in letting you know that we have affiliated with the best hospitals across India. During this pandemic, they have maintained all safety measures and stringent protocols to avail the safest medical treatment.

The following are the measures undertaken at our affiliated hospitals:

  • Mandatory comprehensive screening for every patient.
  • At every juncture, precautions are maintained, even for a routine blood test.
  • Strict adherence to all the hygiene protocols, especially hand hygiene.
  • To prevent infection, safe and effective fogging is done with an approved aerosolized disinfectant.
  • All the high touch surfaces and areas are cleaned daily with a 1% hypochlorite to maintain a zero infection rate.
  • The biomedical waste at the facility is handled, stored, and disposed of safely and properly.
  • The entire medical staff is well-prepared to face any emergency.

Hence, we request our patients also to follow the below measures when visiting our facilities:

      Wear a mask.

      Maintain social distancing.

      Carry hand sanitizer.

      Wear disposable gloves.


3. Why travelling to India for Medical Treatment is still a safer option?

First of all, India is carrying out all the COVID-19 protocols. The country is taking extra precautions and following all the updated guidelines issued by the WHO & CDC.

India has already started with Community Surveillance, i.e. House to House search for suspect cases and contact. COVID-19 Containment Interventions are at the peak. Aggressive testing is done to suspect cases and high-risk contacts. Preventive measures are being undertaken strictly all over the country and awareness regarding the same is also raised. Cases and contacts are also being followed up.

India has done its best to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and that the country's recovery rate among COVID-19 patients is the highest in the world while the fatality rate is the lowest.

Why choose IndiCure for a safe medical treatment journey in India?


  • We will assist you at every step with the Appointment letter or the Visa Letter that includes the medical emergency of the patient's travel.
  • Our representative following all COVID precautionary norms will be present at the airport to receive the patient. The cab or an ambulance will be properly sanitized.
  • On arrival at the hospital facility, the patient will be screened, and depending on the condition, the patient will be either advised for admission or sent to the authorized isolation facilities.
  • Patient, if advised admission will be admitted under the care of Internal Medicine or Pulmonology.
  • Once the COVID report is negative, the main treatment will be initiated.
  • The embassy will be kept informed about each patient's information from arrival to departure. Also, note that an undertaking from the local embassy will be essential.

So, what are you waiting for? Now you have multiple options to book an appointment with our highly skilled and experienced surgical team.

  • Telephonic: Call or WhatsApp our coordinator and book directly at +91 9320036777.
  • Online bookings: You can write to us at
  • Video Consultation: You can opt for any of the above methods to book a Video Consultation with our surgeons.

If you are willing to schedule your medical treatment with IndiCure, you can send us your medical reports at Allow us to help you with your treatment research, guide you with the treatment cost, and answer any queries you may have. You can request a quote or even book a tele-consultation with renowned surgeons.

IndiCure is one of the largest and most renowned medical tourism companies offering medical travel to India in association with the best hospitals in India and most renowned surgeons.