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11 Safe Hospitals in India for Medical Treatment amidst COVID19

11 Safe Hospitals in India amidst COVID19  To travel or not to travel? That is the question. Nowadays, medical tourists are anxiously checking government travel advisories almost daily, just to see whether their medical travel will be followed. Considering the recovery curves of some countries across the globe, many are tailoring strategies for the revival of medical tourism . As a first step, countries have established travel bubbles that are allowing many of the medical tourists to get affordable treatment abroad. India is not far behind in this context. A long-preferred destination for medical tourism, India was also hit badly by the pandemic. As discussed in our previous blog India opens its skies for medical tourists , many of the international travel restrictions have been eased. The Government of India has implemented SOPs and safety protocols across each stage of the patients' care continuum. As we discuss, India is actively serving many international patients who h

Best Tricks for Remaining Good-Looking After 50

Turning 50 comes with new changes and obstacles. Whether it’s seeing your children off to college or doubling up on annual health screenings with health insurance , there’s not much we can save ourselves from with the sands of time.  Your physical appearance is part of this transformation. While everyone ages differently, we believe that the process should be embraced as a part of your journey. Read on for the best tricks to look and feel good about the new decade.  Keep it Simple  If you feel compelled to dress younger or go overboard in any way - stop! You can still dress well and have a fun wardrobe after 50; it's a matter of knowing what suits you. Invest in staples, timeless pieces that’ll never go out of fashion.  Play With Colors, Not Accessories Another common mistake is wearing big statement jewelry. Don't be afraid of color, but sleek, polished looks with dainty necklaces are sophisticated.  Shape up With Shapewear Dressing well means dressing for your body type. Inve