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Best Tricks for Remaining Good-Looking After 50

Turning 50 comes with new changes and obstacles. Whether it’s seeing your children off to college or doubling up on annual health screenings with health insurance, there’s not much we can save ourselves from with the sands of time. 

Your physical appearance is part of this transformation. While everyone ages differently, we believe that the process should be embraced as a part of your journey. Read on for the best tricks to look and feel good about the new decade. 

Keep it Simple 

If you feel compelled to dress younger or go overboard in any way - stop! You can still dress well and have a fun wardrobe after 50; it's a matter of knowing what suits you. Invest in staples, timeless pieces that’ll never go out of fashion. 

Play With Colors, Not Accessories

Another common mistake is wearing big statement jewelry. Don't be afraid of color, but sleek, polished looks with dainty necklaces are sophisticated. 

Shape up With Shapewear

Dressing well means dressing for your body type. Investing in undergarments sets the foundation for your outfit. 

Reveal or Cover to Your Advantage

If you feel confident about certain body parts, flaunt it. As for other parts you want to conceal, you can dress it up. For example, if you're not so fond of your neckline or upper arms, soft, stylish scarves or flowy long-sleeve blouses can give you a confidence boost. You can control what you conceal and what you draw attention to.  

Visit a Hair Stylist

Whether you realize it or not, your hair has a direct influence of how well (and how old) you look. Here are some details to consider if you're planning to update your hairstyle.

Hair Dye

Going gray is completely up to personal choice. If you decide to dye your hair, opt for colors that closely resemble your natural tone. However, if you find that covering up gray hair is too much trouble, there's a plethora of celebrities you can use as inspiration to embrace the gray.

Hair Length

As we age, hair becomes thinner and less pigmented. You may also notice that your scalp can become more visible. That’s why you see many women with short hair. 

However, it doesn’t mean that long locks are off-limits. Depending on your personal preference, you can still rock long hair, or opt for hairstyles such as a bob, shoulder-length, or pixie cut. Whatever the case may be, it should suit your hair texture, face shape, and your own sense of style.

Have a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine

Oh, how we long for the days of high metabolism and energy from our teenage years. Your metabolism may be low, but it doesn't mean you can't keep yourself at a healthy weight

Being underweight or overweight over 50 can take a toll on us both in appearance and health. Keep your diet in check by consuming nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean meat.

Exercising will do more than compensate for gradual muscle loss. It promotes a better quality of life, increases circulation, and keeps your body running smoothly for years to come.

Talk to your primary care physician about what activities you can do to stay active. Take into consideration your medical history and how active you were before 50. Some low impact activities include aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, or dance classes.

Image from Pixabay

Hydrate and Protect Your Skin 

The good news is that you're less likely to have acne once your skin gets drier. The bad news is that loss of collagen and elastin contributes to deeper fine lines and wrinkles. Invest in prescription retinol products to speed up cell turnover and repair damaged skin. 

On top of keeping up with your dermatologist visits, keep those age spots and skin damage at bay by prioritizing sun protection. Not only does your skin have a hard time bouncing back from sun damage, but you’re also at a higher risk of skin cancer.

Keeping your skin hydrated is important at any age, but more so now that your skin is producing less natural oils. Use non-fragrant, natural body lotions before bed, after showers, and reapply throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, looking good doesn’t mean reversing the effects of aging - it means embracing the skin you’re in. Look good in your 50s by updating your style, staying healthy, and taking great care of yourself. You deserve it!