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Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery in India

Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic Surgery in India

Holidays are arriving and we know you wanted to gift yourself a transformation before the New Year begins! But is it safe to travel for plastic surgery in India?

Unfortunately, this year the holiday travel period overlaps with a possible second wave of COVID-19, as well as cold and flu season. With elective surgeries still not given a green signal, you can at least have all your plastic surgery questions answered virtually.

Due to the current scenario, IndiCure has changed the way we interact with our patients. We have been offering virtual consultations to many of our patients, so can you!

We completely understand that getting plastic surgery done is a major decision and when you choose to get it done miles away from your home, the decision can be overwhelming. 

We have been receiving queries on how virtual consultations for plastic surgery work. So, here we provide you all the information you need to make informed decisions.

FAQs on Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery

What is the cost of a Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery?

A: The cost of a Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery is $90. This includes the following:

      a pre-consultation call with our professional case manager

      a virtual consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

      followed by a face to face consultation when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in India

How long does a virtual consultation last?

A: The virtual consultations will last as long as all your questions are answered to your satisfaction. We completely understand that travelling abroad for plastic surgery is a major decision and you would like to get all your queries answered to your satisfaction before you make a commitment.

Which surgeon will I have my consultation with?

A: IndiCure collaborates only with the most eminent doctors and best surgeons in the world who practice in India. We only choose to associate with the best surgeons in India who are qualified, certified, and registered with the Indian Medical Council or a member of the Specialist Association.

We will be assigning a Plastic Surgeon after speaking with one of our patient case managers. Our case manager will talk you through which plastic surgery you desire and which surgeon will best suit you. Simply contact us via the online contact form on our website or phone +91-932-003-6777. 

Do I still get to see the surgeon in person?

A: Yes. We will arrange an ‘In-Person’ consultation for all of the patients consulted virtually to provide a physical examination and measurements of the area to be treated and the photos. Our case managers will contact you to arrange these appointments once restrictions are lifted.

Which platform do I have to use on my phone for a virtual consultation?

A: Our surgeons use Zoom and Skype mainly or a normal phone call if you prefer.

When are these virtual consultations available?

A: Our surgeons have set days and time slots for online consultations.  When you contact us, we will advise which day which surgeon will be available for you.

 When can I have my surgery?

A: IndiCure will be operating once restrictions on elective surgery are lifted. It looks like we can start operating from January end/ Feb beginning. However, we shall keep you posted about the developments and inform you as soon as you can travel to have your surgery.

How can I make the most out of my virtual consultation?

     Educate yourself about plastic surgery and also the benefits of the same so that you're well prepared for the consultation

      Make a list of questions you want to cover

      Look at before and after photos

      Ensure you have a good internet connection

       Make sure to keep your camera/mobile device static so that it doesn't move during the consultation.

 Making an online consultation appointment

For more information about having a virtual consultation, or to learn more about our Plastic Surgeons, please do not hesitate to send us an email at or call us on +91 9320036777.

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