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Choosing the Right Accommodation for Medical Travel in India during COVID-19

Medical Travel in India

One of the most important decisions to make when travelling abroad for medical treatment is choosing the right accommodation. A bad choice of accommodation may certainly deteriorate your health and hamper the recovery period.

Considering the current scenario, many are questioning just one thing - "Is it safe to stay in a hotel in India during coronavirus? 

Let us tell you that your safety is in our hands. IndiCure is associated with some of the best accommodation facilities in India.

hotels in India amidst COVID 19
We advise you about suitable accommodations according to your unique requirements and budget. All you have to do is follow all the safety guidelines issued by WHO. After all, we can help you choose the right accommodation but during your stay - your safety is in your hands too.

In this blog, we share some factors that influence the decision of choosing the right accommodation for medical travel in India which helps you with a speedy recovery.

1. Hygiene standards

Hygiene standards are one of the major factors we consider while choosing suitable accommodation for our medical tourists. A clean and hygienic environment is very crucial in the recovery process and we do not compromise on that. Unhygienic environments can cause infections that may complicate your condition and further deteriorate your health.

To make it easier for you, we reached out to our representatives and checked on what steps are being taken by them to ensure a safe experience for medical travellers.

This is what we have been informed:

Every hotel in India we associate with are ensuring adherence to the new operational guidelines which include - regular cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants on all high-touch surfaces, colleague training and re-certification process for hygiene, administering sanitation device installation, overseeing adherence to social distancing protocols in public areas across hotel properties, and ensuring enhanced food safety.

Besides, we recommend our clients to be a responsible traveller and follow all the safety guidelines to ensure a speedy and smooth recovery.

2. Food

Every surgical recovery involves a plate full of healthy and nutritious food. A balanced and healthy diet, rich in nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber is of utmost importance in healing.

Unhealthy and contaminated food will produce several adverse effects like food poisoning and prolong your recovery period. So, we cannot wrong in choosing the best facility that serves you good, healthy, and not contaminated food.

The hotels we choose for our valued clients have a clean and hygienic cooking facility to ensure that the food is healthy. They have compulsory temperature checks for all the chefs and their associates.

The food delivery is refined with contact-less service design (pick-up or knock-and-go food orders) and elevated hygiene norms. Once we choose a suitable accommodation for you, we ensure that you are being served a diet that suits your recovery needs.

3. Distance from the hospital, pharmacy, and recuperation facility

While choosing an accommodation facility, we ensure that it is not too far from the hospital facility you'll be treated. Quick access to the medical facility is a saviour when mobility is an issue. This will ensure minimum physical strain when you have to visit the hospital for post-operative checkups.

Besides, doctors recommend not to travel after the surgery since it will induce stress and interfere with your recovery process. Moreover, there are medical facilities in India that have invested in setting up accommodation and recuperation facilities near them.

Recuperation facilities are also a major part of your recovery process. It is a place where you can recover physically and mentally after the treatment. Depending on the surgery you opted for, you might be in such a facility for a few weeks or months. So, it is important to ensure that the distance does not hamper your recovery.

Your Safety is in Your Hands!

1. Always wear a mask and clean your hand regularly.

2. Bring disinfectant with yourself.

3. Be mindful before touching anything outside your hotel room.

4. Eat your food in your room rather than eating in the restaurant.

5. Rather than experimenting with a new hotel, we advise you to book accommodation through us.

It is best to follow these tips and ensure a smooth recovery while IndiCure assures you to help you choose the best accommodation for medical travel in India to ensure a comfortable stay. Hence, you can rest assured that complete care will be taken in whichever facility you resort to.

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