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Multiple Plastic Surgery

Multiple Plastic Surgery 

Can I get multiple plastic surgeries at once? Is it cheaper to get multiple plastic surgeries at once? What plastic surgeries can be combined? 

These are few of the most commonly asked questions by men and women seeking plastic surgery. We try to answer some of these concerns in this article. 

multiple plastic surgery

Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery success rates and techniques have significantly improved over the last few years. When it comes to plastic surgery in India, the advancements in the surgical techniques and safety have reached new heights. Therefore, many plastic surgeons in India safely recommend multiple plastic surgery procedures simultaneously.

For example, one can combine a tummy tuck with a breast reduction or lift. The most commonly requested procedure all over the world is hysterectomy and tummy tuck. Women undergoing hysterectomy often request to their surgery to be clubbed with a tummy tuck to enjoy complete transformation and a confident body.

Often nonsurgical techniques are also used in conjunction with surgical procedures to add to the value of cosmetic surgery itself. For instance, after a facelift, an individual may opt for dermal fillers to round out their cheekbones, or botox to remove the wrinkles around the eyes.

But what about combining two or more surgical procedures into one process? Popularly known as Multiple Plastic surgery procedures in one go. Is that safe, and is it worth it?

The answer to these questions is a BIG YES! 

There are more benefits to undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures at once than ever before. The only caveat is YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A BOARD CERTIFIED SURGEON who knows his job well. 

Here, we discuss why combining multiple plastic surgery procedures can be a good idea and how safe it is.

Less Anesthesia Is Better

One of the major advantages of combining procedures, from a plastic surgeon's standpoint, is that multiple procedures can be performed in a way that saves time compared to performing independently. The patient faces fewer risks of complications associated with anesthesia, when he undergoes anesthesia only once. Most complications arise during the time you are going under the anesthesia or coming out of it. Moreover, the stress on the body is greatly reduced and the body recovers better too. This also helps the surgeon to deliver a safer approach for many patients.


Another big benefit of combined or multiple plastic surgery procedures is that you only have to recover once. It won't take much longer for the body to heal multiple areas. It might work as if only one area were treated. For some procedures, the recovery time is relatively short, while others may take a number of weeks before you are ready to return to work and regular activities. But, when you combine multiple procedures, you only have to embrace one recovery period. Indeed, it is a real time saver. Moreover, one can have the same same number of follow-up visits that they would have if only one procedure were done.

Lower Costs

By combining multiple procedures, you can significantly reduce on costs by opting for a package, eventually you save hundreds of dollars. When you combine multiple surgical procedures, there is less anesthesia used, less surgeon and surgical staff fees, less operating room time, and fewer tools used. Therefore, one can enjoy significant savings. And when you have chosen medical travel to India for plastic surgery, you save on the tickets and other travel related costs as well.

Cherish Dramatic Results

The idea of opting for multiple procedures at one time may seem difficult, but the ability to achieve multiple goals in one-go can be far more satisfying in the long run. It helps you achieve your goals faster than if you were to space out the individual procedures. Since, the recovery period becomes streamlined, you will see significant results simultaneously. Make sure to choose the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and speak about your realistic goals and desired results.

Commonly Combined Procedures

The best option is to combine procedures that target the same area. Such combinations are generally considered very safe for the right candidates.

   Mommy makeover: This is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that addresses the effects of pregnancy and child birth on a woman's body. The procedures included in a mommy makeover are breast lift or breast augmentation or reduction, liposuction and tummy tuck with fat transfer to buttocks.

  Facelift and eyelid surgery: A very popular facial rejuvenation combination, combining these two procedures can address aging signs on the upper, middle and lower facial areas.

 Breast lift and breast augmentation: Combining these two procedures simultaneously addresses the size, shape and position of the breasts.

       Tummy tuck and liposuction: These two procedures remove excess skin, tighten weak abdominal muscles, and remove stubborn fat.

Such combinations are generally considered very safe for the right candidates.

Discuss Your Treatment Goals with IndiCure

After educating yourself more about the desired outcomes and your overall health, IndiCure can recommend whether combining procedures may be beneficial to you.

We have an expert panel of plastic surgeons affiliated with us, who will advise you on the most effective and the safest way to proceed with your aesthetic journey. Besides, if our surgeon does not feel it’s in your best interests to combine the desired surgeries, you should consider his recommendations seriously.

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