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Medical Tourism in India: How Safe for Seniors Traveling Alone?

Medical Tourism in India

A majority of the health conditions emerge later in life. But safe and effective medical treatment or surgical procedures are generally expensive, if you are not covered under insurance. Many people across the globe have to incur over 70% of the medical expenses during their retirement period.

Due to this, an increasing number of seniors are disregarding medical treatments rather than using their hard-earned funds from their retirement accounts. Unfortunately, such decisions can have catastrophic effects on health. The health issues may worsen and eventually be more expensive to treat.

Retirees and seniors are looking for effective yet affordable treatments. For many, they have opted safe healthcare services outside their countries. Medical Tourism or Medical Travel, the safe practice of traveling to another country for healthcare procedures, has become a common solution to the high cost of treatments for seniors in the West.

Nowadays, many seniors have discovered that access to low-cost yet high-quality care is a short flight away. However, the always problem at the back of their mind is Who would travel with them? Or Is it safe to choose medical tourism in India alone?

medical tourism in india

IndiCure has the Answer

Yes, we have the answer. We have helped many seniors helped get treatment in India, and that when they were travelling alone. 

A number of seniors have chosen to get their surgeries and treatment procedures done in India with IndiCure. One of the most common reasons people are choosing medical travel in India to gain access to high quality and affordable healthcare services, and when they feel they shall be well taken care of by IndiCure staff, then why not? 

Following are some of the common reasons seniors usually turn to medical tourism in India:

  • They are considering medical procedures not covered by their health insurance or Medicare.
  • They like the idea of combining low-risk medical treatments with a visit to a vacation destination.
  • They have major dental problems that aren’t covered by insurance.
  • They don’t have any other option; the treatments or medications they seek aren’t approved or available in their countries.

 The Rise of India as a Medical Tourism Destination

India became a major medical travel destination over the last five years. According to Euromonitor International, this is explained by the fact that the country has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world. The technology adopted corresponds to that in the US, the UK, and Europe and medical treatments cost much less. Moreover, India has the best surgeons and doctors who hold an enviable reputation all over the world for their skills and proficiency in the medical field.

The most common treatments available in India for medical tourists are: 

      Orthopedic Care/Surgery

      Weight Loss Surgery

      Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

      Cosmetic Dentistry/Dental Treatment

      Brain Surgery

      Heart Surgery

      Spine Surgery


      Cancer Treatment

      Organ Transplants

      GI Surgery

      Uro Surgery 

Deciding If Medical Tourism Right for You

Despite all the logistics lined up, medical tourism isn’t for everyone. So, how can you know if it’s right for you? First and foremost, talk to your current doctor and determine if you’re a viable candidate to travel abroad for treatment. Depending on the type of procedure needed, there are multiple factors to consider, such as potential setbacks and recovery time. Then determine if you’re healthy enough to make medical tourism in India.

You may also consider bringing a companion along to help communicate your needs to the health care staff and keep you company. If you’re feeling brand new earlier than expected, you may even be able to enjoy site-seeing in your medical travel destination country as a bonus.

89 Year Old Man Traveled Solo for his Knee Replacement from Australia

If you're still skeptical about traveling abroad being a senior, then spare some time to read or watch this amazing story of our client, Mr. Brian Whittle, an 89-year-old from Australia, who solo traveled to India for his knee replacement surgery. T

      Read his story: 

      Watch him share his experience in India with IndiCure:

There are many similar stories where senior men and women have chosen to travel to India with IndiCure and have been very happy with the services and the results.  For more such inspiring patient testimonials visit our video library: IndicureSurgery

 Why choose IndiCure for safe medical travel to India in the current scenario? 

      We will assist you at every step with the Appointment letter or the Visa Letter that includes the medical emergency of the patient's travel.

      Our representative following all COVID precautionary norms will be present at the airport to receive the patient. The cab or an ambulance will be properly sanitized.

      On arrival at the hospital facility, the patient will be screened, and depending on the condition, the patient will be either advised for admission or sent to the authorized isolation facilities.

      Patients, if advised, will be admitted under the care of Internal Medicine or Pulmonology.

      Once the COVID report is negative, the main treatment will be initiated.

      The embassy will be kept informed about each patient's information from arrival to departure. Also, note that an undertaking from the local embassy will be essential.

 Moreover, you can learn more about our services if you are willing to make your first medical travel to India: 

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So, what are you waiting for? Now you have multiple options to book an appointment with our highly skilled and experienced surgical team. 

      Telephonic: Call or WhatsApp our coordinator and book directly at +91 9320036777.

      Online bookings: You can write to us at

      Video Consultation: You can opt for any of the above methods to book a Video Consultation with our surgeons. 

If you are willing to schedule your medical travel with IndiCure, you can send us your medical reports or target pictures (for plastic surgery) at Allow us to help you with your treatment research, guide you with the treatment cost, and answer any queries you may have. You can request a quote or even book a teleconsultation with renowned surgeons. 

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