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Hymenoplasty: Things you need to know about Hymenoplasty

Hymenoplasty Virginity has always been a subject of taboo in many countries. It’s always a mixed message that is conveyed socially, culturally, religiously, politically, and educationally. There are a lot of opinions over a woman's sexuality before and after marriage. Few people believe that it is alright for a woman to lose her virginity before her marriage, while others believe that her marriage would hit rock-bottom if her hymen is torn before marriage. A woman's virginity is considered a virtue in many parts of the world. Due to such perceptions, many women try all the possible measures to preserve or restore their virginity like vagina tightening creams, kegel exercises, and countless others. But, did you know? There is a surgical procedure that can restore your virginity after you have been “deflowered.” It is Hymenoplasty. In this blog, we share some insights into the procedure. What is a hymen? It is a thin pinkish membrane located inside the vagina about half a