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Hymenoplasty: Things you need to know about Hymenoplasty


Virginity has always been a subject of taboo in many countries. It’s always a mixed message that is conveyed socially, culturally, religiously, politically, and educationally. There are a lot of opinions over a woman's sexuality before and after marriage.


Few people believe that it is alright for a woman to lose her virginity before her marriage, while others believe that her marriage would hit rock-bottom if her hymen is torn before marriage. A woman's virginity is considered a virtue in many parts of the world.

Due to such perceptions, many women try all the possible measures to preserve or restore their virginity like vagina tightening creams, kegel exercises, and countless others.

But, did you know? There is a surgical procedure that can restore your virginity after you have been “deflowered.” It is Hymenoplasty. In this blog, we share some insights into the procedure.

What is a hymen?

It is a thin pinkish membrane located inside the vagina about half an inch inside. Although it is popularly known for its facilitation for sexual intercourse, giving the ultimate pleasure, it also acts as a vaginal barrier against the external source of infection. 

But, what are the reasons behind hymen breakage?

Sexual intercourse is not the only reason behind a woman’s broken hymen. It may rupture due to several strenuous physical activities such as horse riding, swimming, cycling, and gymnasium.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty or Hymen repair surgery or Hymen restoration surgery, popularly known as Revirgination, is a simple plastic surgery procedure used for reconstructing the hymen of women who wish to get back their virginity for personal reasons.

Other reasons to choose hymenoplasty are when a woman had faced with physical abuse and rape where the freedom of choice to give her virginity has been taken away from her. The procedure helps the woman empower emotionally.

While other women choose hymenoplasty are when they want to spruce up their dull sex life since hymenoplasty tightens the vaginal walls along with reconstructing the hymen.

Do you qualify for hymenoplasty?

You are a good candidate to undergo a hymenoplasty procedure if: 

      You are above 18 years of age and a healthy woman.

      You want to restore your hymen for religious or cultural reasons.

      You want to surprise your partner with a reinstated hymen.

What is the procedure?

Hymenoplasty is performed only by a plastic surgeon and can be done months or years after a woman loses her virginity. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and sedation and may last from 45 minutes to an hour.

During the procedure, the edges of the remaining hymen are stitched with dissolvable sutures to make the hymen grow similar to the previous and natural hymen. Moreover, the procedure gives a typical tightness to the area.

The surgeon may decide to reduce the opening of the vagina using a small portion of the vaginal mucous tissue if the hymenal remnants are not big enough to be used for the reconstruction.

What are the risks involved?

So far Hymenoplasty is a safe and effective procedure. If you choose a highly experienced plastic surgeon for the procedure, you may be able to eliminate any risk and complications associated with it.

You may encounter mild bleeding and swelling (outer region) because of the use of a small dissolving suture in the procedure. As time goes by this subsides eventually.

What are the results and the time taken to recover from the procedure?

The reconstructed hymen would be similar to the original hymen and break just like a virgin if you had intercourse after recovering from hymenoplasty.

You would be able to return to work the next day. Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks post-surgery. You need to avoid strenuous activities like horse riding and sports for at least six weeks and then can resume your usual activities.

Where do I get affordable yet safe hymenoplasty?

The simple answer is Contact IndiCure. We shall guide you step by step and help you with safe and affordable hymen restoration surgery in India. 

Medical tourism in India has brought together many treatment and cosmetic procedures under one roof for international patients. Plastic surgery procedures such as hymenoplasty surgery in India have increasing demand among medical tourists because of the affordability of virginity surgery cost in India, besides the assurance of complete confidentiality.

Hymenoplasty procedure is available in India at a fraction of the cost compared to that of western countries. The hymenoplasty cost in India starts at approx USD 950.

A lot of women face embarrassing problems that can be taken care of by international standard hospitals and renowned cosmetic surgeons in India. Hymenoplasty in India has restored the confidence of many women from all over the world.

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