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IndiCure Fosters the World Health Day 2021

World Health Day 2021

world health day 2021

World Health Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April. Global health is a very significant issue that many governments and private organizations have directed their interests and activities towards that area.

According to WHO, the theme of 2017 is building a fairer, healthier world.

In this blog, we will discuss the aim of this campaign by WHO and how does IndiCure contribute to the same. 

World is Unequal 

We all know, COVID-19 has hit all the countries hard. But the communities which are already vulnerable have been impacted hardest. They lack access to quality health care services and are more exposed to the disease. Besides, with an effort to implement measures to contain the pandemic, these communities experience adverse consequences. Eventually, it harms our societies and economies. 

All over the globe, such communities struggle to make ends meet with little daily income. They experience greater gender inequality, fewer employment opportunities, poor education or housing conditions, little or no access to safe environments, clean water, air, food security, and health services. Due to these conditions, the people have been unnecessarily suffering, avoidable illness, and premature death.

All of this is very sorrowful since it is preventable. As a result, WHO has called upon leaders all over the world to ensure that people live and work in conditions that are conducive to good health. It is time that leaders monitor health inequalities and provide access to quality health services when and where people need them. 

Medical Tourism: Health-Related Motivations to Travel

medical tourism

When it comes to lower healthcare accessibility or expensive health services, people have considered health benefits through tourism. People choose travel health benefits to have an elective or cosmetic procedure, recover from illness or surgery, enhance their subjective well-being, or even relax and escape.

Indeed, there are a variety of so-called “health tourism” activities and motivations. These can range from general wellness, holistic, leisure, and recreation-based tourism to medical tourism including, more specific surgical motivations, medical therapies, or medical wellness.

Medical tourism can offer real health benefits to patients who feel desperate or constrained in their struggle with illnesses or access to quality treatment. In such cases, traveling to accessible and affordable medical care may help to “foster hope” at a particularly difficult time in their life. The medical tourism sector also offers choices in the medical decisions one can make within the context of their domestic healthcare culture.

Another interesting subset of medical tourism is plastic surgery tourism. In this scenario, patients travel to undergo their elective procedure abroad. The health-related motivation underlying such a decision is the cost of the procedure or time involved, i.e., it may be cheaper or faster abroad.

Overall, such opportunities can promise dual transformative experiences - the resulting cosmetic transformation and the holiday itself. It has given rise to interesting stereotypes such as "tummy tuck and the Taj" or "surgery and safari."

IndiCure Fosters the World Health Day

With advancements in healthcare in India, wellness tourism and medical tourism in India have increased multifold. India is among the Top 3 medical tourism destinations in the world and treats millions of patients at affordable cost.

Over the ages, India has been known to offer excellent hospitality, and unforgettable vacations to tourists combined with unmatched healthcare facilities in India has propelled it as one of the top destinations for medical tourism globally.

State-of-the-art technology, skilled practitioners, a rapidly progressing pharmaceutical industry, and a rich cultural heritage make India one of the leading medical tourism destinations. A testimony to the county's excellence in medicine and hospitality is the millions of tourists that visit India each year for consultations, treatments, and rejuvenation.

Today, Indian doctors and specialist surgeons offer all kinds of surgeries. With the growing availability and applicability of medical infrastructure and procedures, India comes across as an exciting confluence of western medicine and expert professionals at a fraction of the cost.

There are various medical tourism companies in India, which assist you in the entire medical treatment process abroad. Amongst these companies, IndiCure is one of the best medical tourism companies you will come across.

The company strives to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable healthcare services to medical tourists from all over the globe. It ensures their well-being and quick recovery. The company works toward achieving the best possible outcome for each patient and maintaining the highest ethical standards. Everyone works together as a team toward the common goal of client satisfaction.

 Besides, IndiCure has undertaken several projects to provide better education, nutritious food, and hygienic living conditions, which still linger in developing countries like India. Thus, it is an institution whose aim is to provide the best possible services in the medical tourism field.

Therefore, WHO and IndiCure are committed to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, can realize the right to good health!

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