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How much does Open Heart Surgery Cost in India?

How much does Open Heart Surgery Cost in India? Many people consider traveling abroad for heart surgery either because of the lack of expertise and good heart surgery hospitals locally or because of the high cost of medical treatment in their home country. In countries such as Russia, where there is a lack of optimum healthcare facilities, many people travel to India for heart surgery procedures. The same goes with some other African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana from where a lot many medical tourists travel for heart surgery in India.  Affordable Open-Heart Surgery is now available even at the best heart hospitals in India. With the rise of medical tourism in India , because of quality care and low cost of medical treatment, many people are now choosing India for complicated heart surgeries. Let’s learn how much open-heart surgery costs in India and where one can get quality treatment. Increasing medical tourism for heart surgery in India Of the many reasons w