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5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Breast Reduction

5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Breast Reduction Breasts are beautiful - small, big, medium! However, in few women, breasts can grow disproportionately large. They can cause discomfort, back pain, and neck pain. There are multiple reasons for larger breasts, including pregnancy changes, hormonal changes, obesity, and even genetics. It is also caused due to a side effect of some medications.  Besides physical discomfort, these women suffer from low self-esteem and the inability to wear the clothes of their choice. But, there’s a reliable option for women with big breasts - Breast Reduction Surgery. The results of breast reduction are almost immediate, relieve the symptoms associated with heavy breasts, and improve body image for most women, resulting in better self-esteem and confidence.  In this blog, we have shared the 5 most important things you should know about breast reduction.  What is Breast Reduction Surgery? Breast reduction surgery also called reduction mammapla

Hip Replacement in India- An American’s Story of Medical Tourism Amidst Pandemic

Hip Replacement in India Did you know?  More than 1.5 million Americans travel abroad for medical treatment! Isn’t that a whopping number for a country that stands out from all other countries in almost everything? But that’s the bitter truth! Although the U.S. is renowned for its leadership in cutting-edge medical technology, biomedical research, its healthcare system faces significant issues such as lack of transparency in treatment, poor amenable mortality rates, and preventable medical errors.  Besides, lack of insurance coverage for low and middle-class families and high costs of care have led Americans to travel abroad for medical treatment. One of the most visited and popular countries among Americans is INDIA!  India is a particularly attractive choice for American patients since it has several hospitals offering quality care from English-speaking professionals at affordable rates.  What more an American can ask for! In this article, we share an amazing story of a medical touri