5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Breast Reduction

5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Breast Reduction


Breasts are beautiful - small, big, medium! However, in few women, breasts can grow disproportionately large. They can cause discomfort, back pain, and neck pain. There are multiple reasons for larger breasts, including pregnancy changes, hormonal changes, obesity, and even genetics. It is also caused due to a side effect of some medications. 

Besides physical discomfort, these women suffer from low self-esteem and the inability to wear the clothes of their choice. But, there’s a reliable option for women with big breasts - Breast Reduction Surgery. The results of breast reduction are almost immediate, relieve the symptoms associated with heavy breasts, and improve body image for most women, resulting in better self-esteem and confidence. 

In this blog, we have shared the 5 most important things you should know about breast reduction. 

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery also called reduction mammaplasty, is the surgical procedure to remove extra fat, skin, and tissue from the breasts making them lighter. When combined with the breast lift procedure, the surgery also results in uplifting the breasts when they are drooping, making them aesthetically pleasing. 

It is the most effective treatment for treating symptoms associated with heavy boobs. The benefits include pain relief, relief in headaches, better sleep, and improved physical activity. 

Plastic surgeons across the world agree that patient satisfaction after breast reduction is very high. More than 90% of women experience significant relief in symptoms associated with heavy breasts.


5 Most Important Things About Breast Reduction Surgery

1. Breast Reduction Surgery is More Common Than You May Think

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates in plastic surgery. And the incidence of women undergoing breast reduction is more common than you think. Many women have undergone the surgery to alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain. Others opt for surgery owing to the uncomfortable feeling of larger breasts. If you are considering the procedure,  know that there are a lot of women out there that undergo the same procedure every year and there’s nothing to be worried about. Listen to your inner voice!

2. Breast Reduction Surgery May Also Include a Breast Lift

Breast uplift is the de facto result of breast reduction. Since breast reduction aims at improving the shape, size and making breasts more youthful, breast uplift is done with breast reduction plastic surgery. A lot of women are confused about what breast reduction does in terms of lifting the breasts. To answer it simply, breast reduction reduces the size of the breast, consolidates and improves the shape of the breast, and lifts the breast. Combining the surgeries can help you reach your aesthetic goals more quickly and efficiently. 

3. Breast Reduction Will Leave Scars

Undergoing breast reduction surgery would mean having a scar on your breasts. While different surgeons use different methods, the goal is to hide the surgical scars as best as possible. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to hide them completely. Typically, the incisions are around the nipple or vertically from the nipple to the space beneath the breasts. In most cases, this technique allows the scar to be hidden unless the breasts are fully exposed.


4. Breastfeeding and Nipple Sensitivity Can Be Affected

There is always a risk of losing nipple sensation after breast reduction. If you are concerned about nipple sensitivity while considering the surgery, make sure to talk to your surgeon before you undergo the procedure. Plastic surgeons try not to cut as much tissue so that nipple sensation will not be compromised. In addition to nipple sensitivity, women may experience difficulty in breastfeeding. Breast reduction surgery always almost compromises your lactation capability to an extent. But, women can still breastfeed their babies after breast reduction surgery. Please talk to your surgeon before you choose to undergo the knife. 

5. Men Can Receive Breast Reduction Surgery

Did you know that men can also undergo breast reduction? Yes! Male breast reduction surgery, also known as Gynecomastia surgery, is very popular among men! Gynecomastia or Male breast or "woman-like breasts," is a very common physical abnormality that occurs in men, and sometimes it is also linked with obesity, excessive medication, hormonal imbalance, or a lifestyle disorder. Most men are pleased with the results achieved through the surgical correction. The results of the man boobs surgery are permanent, giving you a flat, firm, and more masculine-looking chest.


Whatever be the reason for you to opt for breast reduction surgery, make sure to consult the right plastic surgeon to be realistic about the healing and recovery process and to have a fair understanding of what you can expect as you heal.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon 

If you are looking for Breast reduction surgery and do not afford it in your country, IndiCure offers the best solution for you.  

Plastic surgery in India is not only affordable, but we have also got few of the best breast reduction surgeons in the world, language is not a problem- English is the official language and all medical staff speak and understand English;  you get to enjoy personalized attention, your surgery remains discreet and you get to visit a unique country on the earth.

What is the Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India?

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies with your geographical location. The cost of breast reduction in the USA is around $12,000, in the UK around £9,000, in Australia it costs around $15,000, while the breast reduction cost in India is around $3200. The cost varies with the extent of surgery required, surgeon, facility, and the city where you choose to get the surgery done. 

How to Get Breast Reduction in India during the COVID Situation?

Due to the current scenario, IndiCure has changed the way we interact with our patients. We are offering a Virtual Consultation for Plastic Surgery for $90. This includes the following:

  • a pre-consultation call with our professional case manager

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  • followed by a face to face consultation

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About IndiCure

IndiCure is the most renowned medical tourism company in India with the best plastic surgeons at affordable prices. We have on our panel a few of the best breast reduction surgeons in the world, who have many years of experience under their belt and a 100% track record and also affiliate with the best plastic surgery hospitals in India.

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