Hip Replacement in India- An American’s Story of Medical Tourism Amidst Pandemic

Hip Replacement in India

Did you know? 

More than 1.5 million Americans travel abroad for medical treatment!

Isn’t that a whopping number for a country that stands out from all other countries in almost everything? But that’s the bitter truth!


Although the U.S. is renowned for its leadership in cutting-edge medical technology, biomedical research, its healthcare system faces significant issues such as lack of transparency in treatment, poor amenable mortality rates, and preventable medical errors. 

Besides, lack of insurance coverage for low and middle-class families and high costs of care have led Americans to travel abroad for medical treatment.

One of the most visited and popular countries among Americans is INDIA! 

India is a particularly attractive choice for American patients since it has several hospitals offering quality care from English-speaking professionals at affordable rates. 

What more an American can ask for!

In this article, we share an amazing story of a medical tourist, Mr. Wayne Holley from Missouri, US who visited India for medical treatment during the COVID19 pandemic. His pleasing words will surely convince you to consider your options again and look at India seriously as your destination for medical travel even during the pandemic.

Wayne Holley’s Trip for Hip Replacement in India

In July 2020, Mr. Wayne Holley underwent an  X-ray and the doctor advised him for a hip replacement. Apart from dealing with hip pain, he got really distressed with him being uninsured and the high cost of hip replacement in the US! He certainly couldn’t afford the surgery in the US and waited for a solution.

In November 2020, Mr. Holley was not able to move, apart from the help of a crutch. He was almost immobile and had excruciating hip pain.

This is where he began his search for Medical Tourism, a phenomenon wherein people seek medical care outside their country. And, Mr. Holley shortlisted three medical tourism facilitators including IndiCure Health Tours. 

“IndiCure turned out to be the best option!”

During the period Mr. Holley contacted us, India had just begun to uplift its COVID-19 restrictions and was gaining momentum to bounce back with the quality medical treatment for foreigners including all safety precautions. 

Although the Indian Government was not permitting foreigners to visit India, IndiCure made sure Mr. Holley safely traveled to the country for his urgent hip replacement in India. 

“People thought I was kind of crazy to be traveling halfway across the world!”

He was criticized by his friends for traveling halfway around the globe for the surgery during the pandemic. But he had no qualms about India and the surgeons, as most of the surgeons in the US are Indians. Therefore he took a leap of faith and contacted our team!

Precisely, it is a huge decision to travel from the US to India for a total hip ball replacement surgery in India and IndiCure understands the sensitivity behind every medical tourist's decision of travelling abroad during the pandemic. Hence, we assure to provide the correct information promptly for tourists like Mr. Holley to plan their medical trip with IndiCure efficiently.

IndiCure assists every medical traveler at each step with the Appointment letter or the Visa Letter that includes the medical emergency of the patient's travel during the pandemic. We keep the embassy informed about each patient's information from arrival to departure. So, rest assured, any medical tourist reaching out to us is safely assisted throughout their surgical journey, even during the pandemic.

“I was pleased, very pleased with the hospital, the doctors, and the staff!”

In April 2021, India was hit by a deadly second wave of COVID19. The healthcare system in India had collapsed, and he planned to travel to Delhi during that time, which was one of the worst-hit cities. 

IndiCure was consistently in touch with him and advised him not to travel during that time. Our team adeptly decided to reschedule his surgery in Mumbai, the other popular city for Medical Tourism in India. 

Finally, on June 14th, 2021, Mr. Holley underwent total hip ball replacement surgery. He was quite impressed and pleased with the hospital infrastructure, the doctors, the nurses, and also the physical therapist. He praised the surgeon as top-notch in India. “The surgeons spoke better English than any Indian surgeon in the US,” he added jokingly!

IndiCure collaborates only with the most eminent doctors and best surgeons in the world who practice in India. We only choose to associate with the best surgeons in India who are qualified and certified. And we chose one of the best hip replacement surgeons in India for Mr. Holley for a successful surgical outcome!

Mr. Holley had got a COVID test done and was vaccinated before he arrived in India. And everyone at the hospital facility was properly masked, hence he was never really concerned about the virus. The hospital staff was very careful with the COVID 19 safety protocols.

When you choose IndiCure, you choose the best hospital in India for your medical treatment. We partner with the chosen best hospital in India for your medical condition to give you the best outcome that adheres to all the safety measures to minimize the risk of COVID 19 transmission. We inspect the hospitals on various parameters like technology, the standard of equipment, safety protocols, etc. that are critical in ensuring quality services to our patients.

“Even if I have Medicare, I would come back to India!”

When Mr. Holley said this in the interview, our team felt immensely rewarded for the services we provide to our clients. It was definitely a feather in our caps!  

Unfortunately, the surgeon has predicted that Mr. Holley may require a right hip replacement in the future. To this, Mr. Holley replied, “Even if I have Medicare, I would come back to India because in the US they give you the lowest quality implants. But here I got the best quality implant and will last for a lifetime, and even that at much lesser cost!”

“If ever I want it to upgrade, I would certainly come back here for a cheaper upgrade surgery rather than undergoing the same in the US,” he added.

By the end of his recovery, he had great relief from the hip pain. While he was recovering, he pronounced that he had recommended Medical Tourism in India for any such medical issues! 

IndiCure wishes for a life without pain. 

When it comes to planning your hip replacement surgery abroad during the current pandemic situation, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Further, in this blog, IndiCure shares information about the options for the best hip replacement in India. 

Why did Mr. Holley choose Hip Replacement in India?


Hip replacement in India has seen a steep rise in recent years with a larger overseas population belonging to the age group of 55 – 70 years opting for joint replacement surgery overseas.

The procedure has an excellent outcome with immediate pain relief, improved mobility, better physical activity levels, and a much superior overall quality of life after the surgery.  There has also been a significant improvement in the quality of implants, the materials used now have more endurance and are more resistant to wear and tear. The surgery is relatively very safe and does not lead to any major complications.

The total hip replacement surgery in India is performed in private clinics and multi-specialty top hospitals in India with an expert team of surgeons and staff. If the patient wants, further intensive and prolonged rehabilitation phases are arranged in a health resort or a wellness center.

You would need to stay at the hospital for 4-5 days and another week in town if you undergo one hip replacement in India. If you need both hips replaced (bilateral hip replacement), a stay of around three weeks is required. The surgeon may choose to operate both the joints at the same time or one after the other at a gap of a week depending upon your medical condition.

What about the total hip replacement cost in India?

hip replacement cost in India

Total hip replacement cost in India is one of the major reasons why people opt for hip replacement in India. Total Hip replacement cost in India with IndiCure starts from around USD 6,500 and varies depending on the implant you choose, surgeon, facility, and the city where you choose to get the surgery done.

And for a quick comparison, the cost of hip replacement in the US is around $40,000. Even this is not an all-inclusive price as there are additional expenses of outpatient charges for investigations, physical therapy, follow-up consultations with the surgeon, etc. Adding all these costs makes the surgery completely out of the budget for uninsured people. Even for those who are insured, the deductibles and copayments themselves make a huge amount.

On the other hand, the total package price for Hip Replacement Surgery in India is as little as USD 6,500, thus making the surgery in India very affordable. This is so, without any compromise on the quality of implant or surgical technique.

Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in India

Indian Surgeons have been revered the world over for their surgical skills and expertise. They are extensively trained in India and abroad and have several years of experience behind them in treating simple and complex Hip Replacement procedures. These surgeons are highly deft in using the latest and most advanced technology and give outstanding surgical outcomes.

Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery in India

There are few private corporate hospitals in India with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure which are considered not only the best hospitals for hip replacement in India but among the best hospitals in the world. They are known for clinical excellence and services at par with the best in the world.

The best hospitals in India have adopted stringent measures as well as have abided by guidelines laid out by the Government. This is to ensure that the patients, doctors, and the entire medical staff visiting the hospitals are well protected. Some of them are listed below:

  • Apollo Hospitals

  • Apollo Spectra Hospital

  • Fortis Hospitals

  • Gleneagles Global Hospitals

  • Artemis Hospital

  • Max Super Speciality Hospital 

  • Yashoda Hospital

  • Columbia Asia Hospital

  • Wockhardt Hospital

  • Narayana Hospital

  • Manipal Hospital

In this unprecedented COVID-19 situation, all the above hospitals are strictly adhering to the regulations advised by the corporation and following international infection control practices, enhancing safety measures to provide a safe environment for patients & care providers.

Safe and Luxury Accommodation for Medical Tourism in India

One of the most important decisions to make when traveling abroad for medical treatment is choosing the right accommodation. A bad choice of accommodation may certainly deteriorate your health and hamper the recovery period.

Every hotel in India IndiCure associates with are ensuring adherence to the new operational guidelines, which include - regular cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants on all high-touch surfaces, colleague training and recertification process for hygiene, administering sanitation device installation, overseeing adherence to social distancing protocols in public areas across hotel properties, and ensuring enhanced food safety.

Atithi Devo Bhava

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, which means that a guest is akin to a god, is one of India’s most ancient maxims. These teachings have made India and its hospitality the most popular in the world for Medical Tourism. 

Why choose IndiCure for Medical Tourism in India?

  • We will assist you at every step with the Appointment letter or the Visa Letter that includes the medical emergency of the patient's travel.

  • Our representative who follows all COVID precautionary norms will be present at the airport to receive the patient. The cab or an ambulance will be properly sanitized.

  • On arrival at the hospital facility, the patient will be screened, and depending on the condition, the patient will be either advised for admission or sent to the authorized isolation facilities.

  • Patients, if advised admission will be admitted under the care of Internal Medicine or Pulmonology.

  • Once the COVID report is negative, the main treatment will be initiated.

  • The embassy will be kept informed about each patient's information from arrival to departure. Also, note that an undertaking from the local embassy will be essential.

Now you have multiple options to book an appointment with our highly skilled and experienced surgical team.

  • Telephonic: Call or WhatsApp our coordinator and book directly at +91 9320036777.

  • Online bookings: You can write to us at info@indicure.com.

  • Video Consultation: You can opt for any of the above methods to book a Video Consultation with our surgeons.

If you are willing to schedule your medical treatment in India with IndiCure, you can send us your medical reports at info@indicure.com. Allow us to help you with your treatment research, guide you with the treatment cost, and answer any queries you may have. You can request a quote or even book a teleconsultation with renowned surgeons.

IndiCure is one of the largest and most renowned medical tourism companies offering medical travel to India in association with the best hospitals in India and most renowned surgeons.


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