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Plastic Surgery: The Ever Booming Industry

Plastic Surgery  Plastic surgery is a booming surgical specialty with incredible subspecialties, such as burn surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, craniofacial surgery, aesthetic surgery, wound care, and many more.   Also known as reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery aims to reconstruct or repair damaged or missing tissue and skin. The surgery mainly helps to restore the function of the tissues. Cosmetic surgery is a sub-type of plastic surgery. It aims to improve a person's appearance but should be approached with great caution. With technological innovations, the scope of cosmetic surgery is ever-expanding to cover almost every part of the body. Different types of Reconstructive Surgeries Reconstructive surgeries are usually performed in cases of injuries, disfigurement issues, or birth defects. For every defect, there is a procedure that improves imperfect lives. These include: Feet and Hand Surgeries: People affected by maladies, cancerous and non-ca