Hip Replacement in India

It was never a plan for Wayne Holly to undergo treatment in India, or even visit India. One day, when his X-ray of the hips was taken, the doctor told him that he required a total hip replacement of the right hip.

Hip Replacement

A total hip arthroplasty surgery involves replacing the diseased hip joint with an artificial joint. The surgery helps in relieving the pain and immobility the patient faces because of the diseased hip joint.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes anywhere between two to three hours to complete. There are different approaches and techniques to perform the surgery, and also are the option of implants to choose from. The patient is made to walk the same day or the next with support after the surgery. The full recovery may take up to a few weeks.


Why did Wayne Choose India & IndiCure?

Mr. Holley needed this surgery badly because he was tired of the excruciating pain he had been suffering from for quite a few months. He was told that it would cost him a few thousand dollars for the operation to be done in the USA. 

Unable to afford the surgery in the US, he started consulting a few of his friends and tried to search for the answers online, and soon discovered Medical Tourism. He started reaching out to people and companies who could answer his questions properly and guide him about traveling to a new country for his hip replacement surgery

He says, “I contacted a few companies in various countries out of which Indicure turned out to be the best option for me as it was the most affordable and best in terms of quality of services.”

Trust in Indian Surgeons for Hip Replacement Surgery

After attending to all his inquiries at Indicure and fulfilling the necessary procedures, he arrived in Mumbai. 

As soon as he reached India and got settled at the hospital (since he was brought straight to the hospital), we started his pre-surgery preparations by starting the necessary medical tests. 

It might sound crazy to many people around him to go halfway around the world to get the hip replacement surgery done. However, our doctors were really elated when he said, “I had no qualms about the Indian surgeons because so many surgeons in the US are from India.”

Wayne Shares his Experience of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Our doctors guided him to prepare for the operation and all the surgical advice that had to be taken care of. After a successful surgery, he was in the hospital under medical supervision for about 6-7 days. He was given nursing care, physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and help him regain his mobility after the surgery. 

We were so glad to see his positive energy and faith in us when he said, “I was very pleased with the doctors here. All the physical therapists and nurses were really kind. All the measures of Covid19 were taken care of. I would definitely come back to India if I need hip replacement on the other hip, because it provided me with the best quality implant reasonably priced and communication was so smooth.” We were happy to see Wayne start moving swiftly with support, as per the doctors’ advice, on the 5th day after his surgery.

He goes on to say, “If it’s not an emergency, I would recommend, just hop on a plane and come to India.” You get quality medical care at a much affordable cost, without any waiting time. 

Why Choose Indicure for Hip Replacement Surgery in India?

If you are also suffering from a medical problem and the cost of treatment in your country is prohibitive, you can also choose to travel to India for your treatment. 

We at IndiCure understand the pain you must be going through; and that seeking treatment abroad is a difficult process. We thus not only help you choose the right surgeon and hospital according to your unique requirements, but we also make sure that you are well taken care of. 

When you plan your medical tourism in India for hip replacement surgery, here are some keynotes we will make sure of:

  • Introduce you to the best hip replacement surgeons

  • Assist you with all formalities of paperwork/visa et

  • Prepare your precautions checklist before surgery

  • Assist you for care post-recovery

  • Arrange your accommodation and help you with all errands while in India

  • Arrange follow up care

It’s time to bring an end to that suffering! Because you are worth everything no less than others, walking, cycling, running, dancing, and living a better life. Get in touch with IndiCure today. We will assist and guide you through each and every stage of your medical treatment prior to and post-surgery as well. Write to us at info@indicure.com or call us at +91 9320036777


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